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Just Riding Along… Wasson Way.

Lately in the Cincinnati area, lots of good things have been happening in regards to cycling. Some are small, some are a bigger deal, some are just bike lanes, and then there is the Wasson Way. This 6 mile stretch of forgotten rail line is a big deal, you just don’t know about it yet…

Operating from a group of volunteers, the Wasson Way Project wants to change that. They want to transform this overgrown stretch of rail into a multi-use path that connects to the Little Miami bike path, giving a huge chunk of Cincinnati the access to travel around the city by their own power. Imagine taking a break from your studies at Xavier and taking a bike ride all the way to John Bryan state park in Yellow Springs? Imagine riding your bike to work on a multi-use path, shielded away from traffic? Making the Wasson Way a reality could make those happen.

This evening, a friend and I attended a “guided hike” of the line, to see what it was all about. After the hike, we decided that this was a great way for the city to become more cycling friendly, and a very progressive way at that. Ideas like this do not come along that often that would serve a huge part of the city, and most would not do as well as the Wasson Way. And for the time being, light rail would not even serve the city this well. I say this mainly due to the fact that light rail is light years away from becoming a reality. Why wait around for something that may never happen, and leave this line unusable for 25-30 years?

Rails to trails, what a great idea. Want to check it out in person? They are doing another hike this coming Saturday, check out their website or their Facebook page for the details.

Just keep spinning…


Wasson Way Project…

If you live in or around the Cincinnati area, you are aware of the rail lines that crisscross the city. One of these lines cuts through the heart, if you will, of the east side. How often do the trains run on these tracks? There has been no traffic for over a year! This 6.5 mile stretch goes from the city of Mariemont all the way to Xavier University. So why all of the talk of a rail line? Why Rails to Trails of course!
The Wasson Way Project wants to turn those unused rail lines into a multiuse path. This path will connect to the Little Miami Bike Path in the city of Mariemont, giving a huge percentage of the city of Cincinnati an easy option for taking a trip on a bicycle!
I am really excited about this wonderful idea. From their Facebook page, they are having a meeting about the project tomorrow night (Wed.) at Hyde Park Florist at 7pm.
Things are looking up for Cincinnati!