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A couple more bikes to chew on…

So in my search for the end all be all bicycle, here are a couple more that I have found, which seem to be pretty versatile. First up:

Vassago Fisticuff: Self described as “A love child between a 29er and a cross bike.” I couldn’t agree more. Clearance for wider 700c ‘cross tires, or up to 2.0″ 650b, with rack and fender mounts. Seems to be pretty versatile. The only downfall for this is it is a frame set only, which unfortunately I do not have a sufficient parts bin to build on up. Nice bike though.

Second on this short list:

Surly Ogre: This bike has it all. Rack mounts, front and back? Check. Fender mounts? Check. Fatties fit fine? Check. Single speed ready? Check. Mounts for a trailer? Check. Looks like the Surly Troll? Check. This bike is like the Troll’s big brother. Basically it is just the 29er version. Amazing. I really think there is not a bike that Surly has done that I have not liked. I am a Surly whore without a Surly, something about that is very wrong.

Two more very nice rides to add to my list. I think at this moment, the two bikes in the contention for my next bike are the Salsa Fargo 2 or the Surly Ogre. Thanks for playing!

Photos from Vassago and Surly respectively.

Ramble on…


Surly droppin’ bombs…

Clilck here to have your mind blown.

Yeah, that sums it up. Check the Surly blog. It has good stuff. Now this has me pondering some bicycle options. I am planning on getting a new bike. At first I thought a fat bike would do. Then maybe a Cross Check. Now, I have no idea what to do. The logical answer in a perfect world would be to buy one of each. Back to reality. Do I go the fat bike route, and have two wheelsets since Surly has a slick fat tire? Or do I go with the Cross Check since a more road oriented bike would probably be the best option for me? Or what about the new Ogre, 29er do all bike? Or the complete Troll, 26er do it all bike? Holy crap, this is going to take some time to soak all in… Thanks Surly!