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Just Riding Along… Sneak Peek…


Here is a sneak peak at a new bike build that I have going on at the moment. Without going into too much detail, this is going to be a budget build, single speed road bike. Or, at least my version of a road bike. Still a ways to go, but progress nonetheless.

And in case you are wondering, those are Big Apple 26×2.35, and they fit in the frame just fine.

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Troll glamour shots…

Yesterday received my new Schwalbe Big Apples tires, so on they went for some sweet road action. Sure, they say on the sidewall “26×2.35,” but damn are they big. Amazingly, there is still room to spare on the Troll frame.

Today, just a quick ride for some pictures in the nice sunlight.

Just keep spinning…

Look Rickey, no hands!

Just Riding Along… New shoes…

Since March usually is one of the wettest months out of the year here in Ohio, I have started my search for road tires for the Troll. My plan all along has been to keep this bike versatile, and eventually have a second wheel set to swap in and out for road duty. Until that though, I will be wrestling tires on and off of my Sun Ringle rims. With all of the rain here lately, and the rain in the forecast, what better time than now?

My first choice is this:

Photo from

Second choice:

Photo from

Both are around the same price, the Big Apples measure in at 26×2.35″ and the Hookworms at 26×2.5″ respectively. Both are huge! And both are heavy, that is to be expected. But, for the time being, I will be putting on my skinny, cheap, Forte (Made by Panaracer) City ST tires, which measure in a 26×1.5. I plan on running these for my road duty until I can finally make up my mind.

And, just because, here is a quick picture from after one ride last week:

Just keep spinning…

Just Riding Along… Revisiting the Haro V3.

Now that the Xtracycle has been disassembled, I am back to square one with my old friend, the Haro V3. This bike was my very first “real” mountain bike, from 2003 I believe. This bike has gone through some changes over the years.

For a while it was my MTB, geared with a Manitou suspension fork, and V brakes. That phase traveled from Ohio to Southern California and continued on for a bit. Then, after the Gary Fisher Rig showed up, it turned into a geared commuter with 1.5 inch slicks, then switching back to trail duty as a second single speed. Moved back East, and it found it’s way back to the streets, as a single speed commuter, this time with a Salsa steel rigid fork and disc brakes. It hung on the wall of the garage for a time, patiently waiting for parts once again. Finally came the cargo bike phase, via Xtracycle. Now, we are here:

Back to just a frame. What form should it take now?

I have to say, this bike has lasted far longer than I ever would have guessed. I couldn’t even begin to estimate how many miles it has logged over the 9 years or so that I have owned it. I am thinking I could piece together a cheap single speed again, but this time run some Schwalbe Big Apples just for fun. Anyway, whatever form this bike takes on, it has been the best $400 that I have ever spent. Thanks Haro!