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Bird is the Word…Rockhopper penguin update.

Quick photo of the recent Rockhopper chick from today:

Now at adult size, the main difference is in the plumage. Notice the yellow crest feathers are missing on the head? These distinctive feathers will grow in during the bird’s next molt, giving it the adult look. Click here to see how much it has grown!



Bird is the Word… Penguins!

I realized this morning that I have not posted anything about birds in quite some time. So, in honor of that, here are some pictures of the newest Rockhopper penguin chick at work:

Chick and father, around 1 week old.

Chick in hand, around 3 weeks old.

Chick standing tall, around a month old.

It has been fun to watch this little guy/gal grow up, now it looks entirely different!