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Just Riding Along… Waxing philosophical…

Lately, I have been mapping, saving, and logging all of my miles during cycling excursions and also while running. Part of me is really into statistics, and it is nice to see your progress on a chart. Many different apps and programs are available to the masses, I have been using Map My Ride. It is a great program, easy to use, and I highly recommend it. That said, I am completely abandoning my stat recording habit. Here is why:I have become obsessed with logging miles. So much so, that all of my rides and runs are only mileage focused, and not enjoying the process of riding or running. Lets be honest though, is running really enjoyable? Anyway, I have found myself not enjoying the opportunities that arise, for example, stopping for a great photo, taking a road I have never been on, stopping on a run just to breath in nature, all because I do not want to ruin my average speed. That is lame. Also, I have been reading quite a bit off of Rivendell Bicycle Works‘s website. Not only do they sell quality bicycles, parts, clothing, and lots of other goodies, there is a ton of great information on cycling in general. In our house with a new baby, I am spending a good chunk of time sitting with our baby boy and just reading about cycling from their perspective. It is really starting to soak in and make sense.Check out their site, tons of information, and lots of pretty pictures of bicycles, like this for example:

Photo from Rivendell’s site.

Just keep spinning…


Road bike in my future?

Since the overnight bike camping trip, I have been putting in quite a few miles on the HaroX on all of the local roads here in the Cincy area, and I am starting to think that a road bike would fit the bill a whole lot better than the cargo bike for these type excursions. No way, am I talking about selling the HaroX. I am just starting to realize that putting in a bunch of miles on the cargo bike takes a lot out of you. It is amazing though, climbing on the HaroX, but I feel that I would have fresher legs for more miles at a time on a standard road bike. I guess I should not say a “standard” road bike, I have always fancied a Rivendell. Too bad they are WAY out of my price range. Some of the other bikes that I think would be pretty solid are:

Salsa Casseroll
Trek 520
Surly Pacer/Long Haul Trucker
Older Kona Honky Tonk (1st version if I remember right, powder blue w/down tube shifters)

See a common theme here? Steel. Clearance for wider tires. Mounts for racks and fenders. More upright riding stance. In no way am I looking for a racer type bike on skinny skinny tires. That is not how I get down.

Anyway, just thinking…
And here is a short video I did the other day of my cargo bike: