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Just Riding Along… Surly Troll part 2.

Just a few pictures from today’s Surly action… good times.

Troll in the sand blast cabinet.


Jeff from JC Scoots, aka Dad, doing what he does best.

Surly color “agent orange” meet “Ford blue.”


Great time today hanging out in the shop with my Dad. Be sure to check out his shop here.

Next up: Headset.

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Surly Troll ordered!

Finally, after having almost a mental meltdown of what to do cycling wise, I pushed the little red button. Order complete. The Surly Troll is on the way! I am beyond excited to put this bike through the paces, on street and dirt. It will be good to have a mountain bike again, I spent all of 2011 without one. Weird.

Next month is going to be a bit busy. Next stop, powder-coating…

Frame pic from Surly’s site.