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Beer:30… Great Divide’s Hades.

Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld. Not your typical namesake for a beer. But, Great Divide Brewing Company is not your normal brewer. Time for Greek mythology:

Hades, the eldest son of Cronos and Rhea, (Titan siblings) older brother of Zeus. After his birth he was devoured by his father to prevent an eventual uprising among the Gods. Luckily for Hades, Zeus freed his siblings, then with the help of Hades and Poseidon (another brother) they overthrew their father. Afterwards, I’m sure a party ensued, and the three split up kingdoms to rule; Zeus the sky, Poseidon the sea, and Hades drew the short straw to rule the underworld.

Fast forward quite a few years, and many Greeks viewed Hades as evil. I believe that in reality he was just misunderstood. From most accounts, he was a just and fair ruler of the underworld. Unless you tried to take one of his constituents, or messed with his wife. You can’t blame him for that. Also, he loved dogs. And since his beloved canine was the Cerebus, obviously he was a supporter of his local pet shelter (That was an ugly dog). Take all of that into account, and I bet spending all of that time in the darkness of the underworld probably gave him an insatiable appetite for a good brew.

Whew, that took a little longer than expected. Enough of that, enter Hades, the Belgian style Ale:

Out of the bottle, the beer pours a nice golden hue, similar to the mineral. Since Hades is the God of the Underworld, that includes all minerals, so this is probably appreciated. The carbonation is evident on the pour, and it rushes to the brim of your glass as fast as a cheetah, only to retreat at a leisurely pace, leaving behind very minimal lacing to the glass. The aromas of this beer hit your nose while the glass is still sitting on the table. Very fragrant and strong, with hints of some sweet malts and Belgian yeast. The taste is really surprising, with a small hop bite, but mostly a yeast flavor stays for the duration, and finishes nice and dry. I would call this a great recreation of a Belgian ale, with an American edge to it. I will definitely be buying more of this, especially for summer lawn mowing sessions.

This beer delivers, I would venture to say as well as Charon the ferryman delivers the souls of folks to the underworld.

Once again, well done Great Divide!