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Just Riding Along… Morning ride.

Dirty lenses ruin photos…

Up and out the door before the sun today to snap a few pictures. Did not realize that my lens was so dirty until I uploaded the photos. My new Osprey pack held my gear snugly on my back, and carried the tri-pod quite well. Granted, the pack is not made for a tri-pod, but it works nonetheless.

Great morning to be out, I need to do this more often…

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Beauty and Destruction.

I found myself riding in and around Indian Hill today, riding along a similar route from not too long ago. Indian Hill is one of my favorite areas to ride because the roads are the closest thing in the Cincinnati area to the country back roads I grew up around. Well, the difference being McMansions instead of mobile homes and Maseratis passing you instead of beat up old F150s. I will take what I can get with these roads…

Crossroads of the ride.

Daylily if I remember right.

From this point, I dropped out of Indian Hill, and connected to the Little Miami bike path. Off of the path, most people have probably passed this trailer park. Now though, it is being dismantled, turning an already interesting area into a very surreal sight.

Troll in the trailer park.

Looking through the window.

After the scene of destruction, I headed south on the bike path, and went back into the Milf. Instead of going straight home, I took the scenic route through the local nature preserve before rounding home, finishing up a great day in the saddle.

Just keep spinning…

Just Riding Along… Picture ride.

Lately, I have been trying to hone my photography skills, and what better way to do it than by a bicycle? Last night brought on a quick ride through the local nature preserve at dusk.

Singletrack through the river bottom.

Watching the sun go down.

Take some time to slow down your riding, and just enjoy the scenery. You will be glad that you did…

Just keep spinning…

Just Riding Along… Maiden Voyage.

After a day of waiting, took the Troll on it’s first “official” ride. Not as long as I had hoped, but with prior commitments and nasty weather on course, just a quick 3 mile spin in the woods with the camera. The Troll handled as expected. It is a rigid steel bike, not much to set up or tweak on the ride. It is nice riding a fully rigid bike, no adjustments to finicky suspension setting, no rider sag to set, just get on the bike and ride. Kind of like when you are a kid, and your bike is a single speed BMX bike. Not much to worry about. Just pedal.

I am still trying to figure out my camera, so today I tried to capture a self portrait. After setting up the tripod, and setting the timer for the longest setting, I still did not get the shot that I had wanted. I still need to work on that a bit, all in due time.

Just keep spinning…

Just Riding Along… Year of photos.

This past year I have really gotten into photography, and it didn’t hurt that I bought a new camera either. Here are my favorite shots from this past year or so. Some of these I have posted here before, some on Flickr, some not at all. These are just my favorites that I have taken this year. Keep in mind while viewing, I still have lots to learn about photography. I hope to keep learning and improve. Enjoy!

First ride on the Xtracycle.

Upper Falls at Hocking Hills state park.

Hocking Hills state park.

Lower Falls at Hocking Hills state park.

Rim Trail at Conckle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve.

Inside Conckle’s Hollow.

Waiting for Disney’s Electric Parade.

Sunset at Mohican State Park.

My daughter on her tricycle.

Pretty tree.

Cali moving the ball with her mind.

Big Red on a night ride.

Eagle statue at Eden Park.

Valley View Nature Preserve.

On the trail.

Sycamores and blue skies.

T500 avoiding the rain.

Troll ready to be blasted.

I should point out that there are three different cameras in use for these pictures. This year I used my old Olympus FE-20, an HTC Evo phone, and my Sony Nex-3. I am really loving the Sony, and in my relative newness to photography, it is funny to me that I have already found it’s limits. Granted, it was a HUGE upgrade from the Olympus, but I am already thinking of another camera in the near future. Just like bikes, the proper number of cameras in N+1. If you have any comments, or helpful tips, please leave them in the comments section below!

Just keep spinning…