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Beer:30… Sierra Nevada Oatmeal Stout.

Sometimes while standing in the beer aisle and contemplating life, I cannot decide what style of beer will be on my menu for the evening. With more and more quality beers showing up at my local grocer, it is starting to become a little overwhelming. When those beer panic attacks happen, I usually grab the nearest company sampler pack to cover all of the necessary beer bases. That was last night, and my choice came from the very respectable Sierra Nevada.

The Beer Camp sampler is quite amazing. Sure, a little early in the review, but let’s just get that out of the way. This sampler is in a whole different class of sampler, as the company runs a contest to bring in different home brewers to help make some interesting beers. Great concept, and even better execution. Let’s start part 1 with the Oatmeal Stout:


The beer pours pitch black, with a larger than normal tan head. The smells off of the top are of nice bitter chocolate, mixed with roasted malts. Tasting, this beer hits you with those familiar favors, but also with hints of coffee, and a small but noticeable hint of hops. Maybe it is just my mind playing tricks on me, but I always expect that familiar Sierra Nevada hop flavor with all of their products. I can taste a bit of hops though, and it makes this beer very smooth. To say that this beer is smooth and easy to drink would be an understatement. I would almost describe it as silky.

As per the norm, this beer ranks high for me. I love Sierra Nevada’s products, and this beer is no different. This is the quintessential stout in my house now. Yes, I just said that about Founders Breakfast Stout a couple weeks ago. This beer tops it. Hands down. My new favorite stout, and now placed into my top 5.

Well done Sierra Nevada, now put this beer in a six pack. Or at least a single big bottle.



Just Riding Along… Day 17.

Busy day today for the month of biking. Two big family functions half way across the state, but still got in a quick ride once we returned to Milford. Quick little ride with a decent climb into Indian Hill. Then a fast descent back down to Terrace Park. In TP, linked back up to the Little Miami bike path for the trip home via a short, but technical single track climb. I am a little surprised at how well the T500 climbed while off road. Luckily, the trail was dry, or I would have been pushing the bike back to the path. Once back to Milford, I snapped the photo above, and continued home. That welcomed me with homemade pizzeles, two dancing ladies jamming Bing Crosby, and a Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal stout. Made me stop to realize how blessed we are to be living in such amazing times. Take time to stop and realize that from time to time. Enough of that, here is the map:

A 8.01 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 17, 2011 at 04:44 pm

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Royal beer, and bicycles…

For such an occasion, like the royal wedding for example, I find what little British heritage I have in my blood and force myself to celebrate. So, here’s to you, British people, for having a wedding that the majority of the world tuned in for. Did I? Yes. My daughter and I watched when we woke up and chatted about the castles, princesses, and horses that flashed across the television over our morning drinks, myself black coffee, and for her chocolate milk. I have to admit, it was very pretty. For the 80 million pounds that it cost, it very well should. I find the whole monarchy over the pond very interesting, and intriguing, but I am glad that we here in the states have no such thing. I am fine with our expensive politicians and celebrities. But anyway, here is a toast to the happy couple of one of my favorite brews, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout. Glorious beer, straight from England. It is downright silly that the whole world has been caught up in this event, but at the same time it is nice to see something positive on the news.

Enough about that. While reading about the royal nuptials today, I stumbled upon a newer bicycle company that I had not heard of before.Airborne Bicycles. You might remember that name from a few years ago, that sold only direct if I remember right. Anyway, based out of Dayton Ohio, they are just starting it seems, trying to reestablish the name while making quality products. Just a quick glance through their website and you will find everything from the budget hardtail to the disc equipped cyclocross bike. Very refreshing to see a newer company putting out a quality product at a decent price. Very cool. Even though I am not getting the mountain bike miles that I would like, and I am trying to sell my single speed, I would love to try out one of these, even have one permanently in my garage. All in due time, but at their prices, it seems that I could make that work.

So all that said, I tip my stout to the happy couple, the people across the pond, and to you Airborne Bicycles. Such a nice way to end a fantastic day.