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Just Riding Along… Day 10.

10 days of riding. Tonight was probably the hardest to get on the bike, due to the temperature hanging around the mid 20s, and me being chilled all day. Very low motivation to get out and ride. But, what fun would that be?

Continuing with the night rides, I finished off the week with a ten mile ride along the Little Miami path. Beautiful, clear night for riding, with the moon almost full. Lots of light from the moon, and with the Magicshine, the path was like riding in the daylight.

I am amazed more and more at the quality of the Magicshine. For it’s relatively low entry fee, it is quite amazing. And to top it off, the battery life is not too bad either. Great deal if you happen to be looking for a bicycle light!

Relaxing into the night with a 2011 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, ride before work tomorrow morning…

iMapMyRun: Dec 10, 2011 07:19 pm

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Just Riding Along… Day 6.

Yesterday’s installment of 30 days of biking was a type of ride that needs to happen more often. I like to call these rides, “Beer rides.” This version started here in Milford, and rode up to Loveland via the Little Miami bike path. Once in Loveland, it was time for drinks at Paxton’s Grill. A couple friends arrived, and we were off in to the cold, wet night.

Paxtons always has an amazing craft beer selection, and last night was no exception. Unfortunately we missed their winter beer tasting event, but the friendly staff hooked us up with lots of free appetizers and desserts that were left over. Beers that were on our table: Avery Old Jubilation ale, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, and Founder’s Red’s Rye PA. All three were top notch, which is to be expected from Paxton’s selection. These beers also warmed up our spirit from the almost icy temperatures outside. Good strong beers, free appetizers, and a great atmosphere made this ride very enjoyable. So the night went: Bike ride, craft beer, free food, and ride home. Once back in Milford, we capped the night with a Mt. Carmel Stout. These rides need to happen more often, which once 2012 hits, we are planning on making them more regular. Stay tuned…

If you haven’t checked it yet, check out Paxton’s website, and go spend some time there, you will not be disappointed. Thanks to them for a great time.

The bikes locked up outside of Paxton’s.


Just riding along… Riding with the moon.

Last night was gorgeous. By gorgeous I mean temperatures close to fifty degrees, and a mostly clear sky with a full moon. A night like that calls for one thing: Bike ride. A couple friends were summoned, some “essentials” were loaded into the HaroX, and off we went down the trail.

All three of us had lights on our respective bikes, and also headlamps, but once on the trail, it was unnecessary. The moon was out in full effect, casting a gentle glow over the entire bike path, enabling us to let our eyes adjust and ride on without using any artificial light. This was not the longest or most extreme ride that I have done this year, but quite honestly it was one of my favorites. Around fifteen or so miles in around 2 hours, the pace was light, with a few stops and conversations. After the ride it was winter seasonal beer sampling time:

The beers on the agenda for the evening were two highly enjoyable brews, 21st Amendment Brewery’s Fireside Chat, and Cincinnati’s own, Rivertown Brewing Company’s Winter Ale. Both beers were heavy on the spice, and both had a nice winter beer flavor. After a few of these, I didn’t mind the cooler temperature.

I think that a ride like this should happen a little more regularly, maybe when the weather starts turning warmer again. Hopefully this was not the last of the nicer weather, but looking out the window today says otherwise…