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This blog has moved…

After three years or so with this website, I am finally moving on to something new. So what does that mean for this one? Basically, I am keeping it online for a while. All of the posts will remain here, and nothing new will be added. That said, all of the posts were also imported to my new site, and new posts will continue there. So what is the site?

Head on over to Outside Cincinnati, which essentially is the exact same blog that I am doing now, with a fresh new look and a new address. That is about it. Why the change you might ask?

When I started this blog, I had no idea really what I was doing. I picked a few topics that I liked, and tried to stay within those topics. For a little over the last year though, I have been branching out to different subjects, and I just felt that a name change was in order. Thats all. I am still going to be writing about bikes, beer, birds maybe, but adding other topics like running, hiking, backpacking, etc. Hopefully that makes sense.

Thanks for reading with me this far, head on over to the new land to keep it current.

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Times they are a changing…

So after a long run with this website, I have decided to move on to something new. This blog has been a great outlet for me to express myself, and to also share my opinions and adventures with the few folks who decide to read it. But, don’t fret, this site will stay online. I have started the annoying process of exporting/importing/changing domain names etc. and I plan on having the new site up this week, but this site will continue on as it is, almost like a reference of sorts. Reference of what? Good question. But a reference of something I suppose.

The new and improved blog will be focusing on a few different outdoor adventures, also sprinkled with some beer reviews in there as well, and also some other reviews too. It should be a little more representative of what I am doing with myself.

Thanks for reading this far, and hopefully you will continue during the switch.

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Just Riding Along… Salsa Beargrease.

Fall is an amazing time of year. Leaves start to change, the weather turns a more comfortable temperature, and most bicycle companies start unleashing the hounds of their newest models. This year has been exceptionally good, and if you are in the market for a new ride then you might be a little overwhelmed with the new options. One company that never disappoints this time of year is Salsa, which upped the fat bike ante with this guy:

The Beargrease is the new “racing” fatbike. At a very svelte 28lbs or so, this is one of the (if not the) lightest fatbikes that you can purchase. Basing this model off of their successful Mukluk, they cut all of the fancy braze-ons to save weight, and added quite the impressive parts list to achieve such a light fatty. This bike just screams to be loaded up with a frame and seat bag and head off on a long distance winter race. It also looks like it would be a ton of fun just out and about on your local loop though…

Check out their site here to read more about it.

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Photo from Salsa’s site.

Just Riding Along… Surly Krampus.

Just in case you don’t read the Surly blog….


Photo pulled from Dirt Rag’s Facebook page.

Well done Surly! Bar raised again…