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Beer:30… Mt. Carmel’s Harvest Ale.

In the Cincinnati area, we are blessed with quite a few local breweries that are producing a great amount of high quality beers. My favorite of the bunch though comes from Mt. Carmel. For me, I have not had a bad beer out of their lineup, and a few of their beers are classics in my opinion. One of which that I have not had until now is their Harvest Ale, and it is quickly joining the ranks of one of my favorite beers ever. Yes… ever. That said, enter the Harvest Ale:

The Harvest Ale pours a nice dark copperish amber, with a very well pronounced head. It takes a while for it to retreat, but not so much to be annoying. The smells that come off of my pint glass remind me of fall, with a bit of earthy scents. Taste wise, you get quite a few malt flavors, some of which are mildly sweet, and finish with a slight hop hit. The hops make this fall seasonal very enjoyable, almost as it is the last hurrah for hops before their amazing Winter Ale hits the shelves. The flavors blend so well with this beer that I found myself drinking a few at each sitting. Now that I have finished my last one, I will definitely be picking up another sixer tomorrow!

If you are looking for a great fall seasonal brew, definitely look for this one. Well worth the money, and I would place it just behind their Winter Ale as my favorite Mt. Carmel product. Well done!



Beer:30… Mt. Carmel Springtime Ale.

Sometimes, you get tired of heavy, dark beers. Sometimes the time is just not right for a stout. The heaviness of a dark beer on a warm day is too much to bear. That is why I like to switch it up with beers, drink a certain style for a bit, then flip the incoming flow to the opposite side of beer. That bill has recently been filled with Mt. Carmel’s Springtime Ale:

Mt. Carmel is my favorite out of the local breweries, so take that into consideration here. But, their Springtime Ale delivers. Brewed in the “Scot’s Tradition,” this beer pours a nice amber coloration, with a decent white head. The beer flows over the taste buds like a light beer with real beer flavors, such as malts, spice, and in lack of better terms, an earthly feel. Just what you would expect from a spring seasonal. The beer finishes dry, and I would call it the perfect lawn mowing brew. It also works well in the garage, as you can tell from the picture above.

This beer is a favorite of mine, especially for this time of year. I would call it a beer drinker’s light beer, only due to the lower alcohol level. This is definitely what I needed, especially after spending this winter drinking heavier octane brews. Once again, well done Mt. Carmel. I need to head back to the brewery to get my growler filled again!


Beer:30… Cincinnati Beer Week Collaboration Barleywine Ale.

I will be the first to admit that certain beers get me excited. There is nothing like a quality beer, and nowadays there are many different brands and styles to choose from. Something magical happens though, when multiple brands come together to produce a limited, special brew for a special time. Thanks to this being Cincinnati Beer Week, that time is now.

Cincinnati Beer Week is a celebration of the libation. Running from Feb. 2nd to the 9th, many local venues and local breweries are participating to make this inaugural year a week to remember. And what would a beer week be without a special beer? So in the true fashion of collaboration, all of the major players in the Cincinnati beer arena came together with the common goal, to make a beer for this special week. Enter the Barleywine Ale:

Today I was lucky enough to stop by the Mt. Carmel Brewing Company on my way to drop off my wife’s lunch at her workplace. I will admit, if you are not paying attention, you will drive right by the brewhouse. It was very cool to see where one of my favorite brands was made, and to chat a bit with some of the nice folks there. After filling my growler, and picking up a pint glass, I was out the door to head home.

Barleywines are interesting beers, and this one is no exception. Poured out of the growler into my glass, it gives you the ruby coloration that Barleywines are known for. Once in the glass, the smell of this beer is gorgeous, hitting you with sweet fruit, some citrus, and balanced with the smell of hops. The smell reminded me of Great Divide’s Old Ruffian a tiny bit, due to the hops. When the beer hits the taste buds though, all of those scents come together to make an amazing flavor. The beer has a sweet taste, which flows nicely with the hop bitterness, a bit of vanilla in there, and the alcohol finishes it up quite nicely with a warming sensation. I have not found an alcohol content on this one yet, but I am sure that it is quite high. This beer finishes, and makes you wish you had another. Luckily, I bought a 64oz. growler.

So take all of the craft beer companies in one city, put them into a room, and give them the goal to make a beer for one week, the inaugural Beer Week. For some reason, I keep getting the mental picture of the council scene from the “Lord of the Rings” where all of the factions are deciding what to do/how to get rid of the ring. Except all of the members in the roundtable are beer Gandalfs, super wise to the craft of beer making, and the quest at hand is a Barleywine quest. Be sure to look for this beer in your own travels, especially during this special week here in the Cincinnati area. I will be buying some more, and I suggest you do too before it is all gone.

Now if only I could find a bottle or two to put away in my cellar…

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Cheers, and happy Beer Week!

Just Riding Along… Day 6.

Yesterday’s installment of 30 days of biking was a type of ride that needs to happen more often. I like to call these rides, “Beer rides.” This version started here in Milford, and rode up to Loveland via the Little Miami bike path. Once in Loveland, it was time for drinks at Paxton’s Grill. A couple friends arrived, and we were off in to the cold, wet night.

Paxtons always has an amazing craft beer selection, and last night was no exception. Unfortunately we missed their winter beer tasting event, but the friendly staff hooked us up with lots of free appetizers and desserts that were left over. Beers that were on our table: Avery Old Jubilation ale, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, and Founder’s Red’s Rye PA. All three were top notch, which is to be expected from Paxton’s selection. These beers also warmed up our spirit from the almost icy temperatures outside. Good strong beers, free appetizers, and a great atmosphere made this ride very enjoyable. So the night went: Bike ride, craft beer, free food, and ride home. Once back in Milford, we capped the night with a Mt. Carmel Stout. These rides need to happen more often, which once 2012 hits, we are planning on making them more regular. Stay tuned…

If you haven’t checked it yet, check out Paxton’s website, and go spend some time there, you will not be disappointed. Thanks to them for a great time.

The bikes locked up outside of Paxton’s.


Beer:30…Mt. Carmel Brewing Co. Stout.

Today is a special day. December 5th, a day that most people do not even recognize. Today is the day that beer was given back to the people just 78 years ago. If you still have no idea what I am talking about, today is the anniversary of the 21st amendment, the repeal of prohibition.

For my personal celebration, I pulled from the lineup of my favorite local company, Mt. Carmel. I had never had their stout before, and after searching around for it, yesterday it made the journey back to Milford with me. So without further ado:

I love stouts, absolutely one of my favorite types of beer. This beer is a solid representation of what a good stout should be. Dark appearance, a tan colored head, and a somewhat bitter chocolate flavor round out this beer. It is more carbonated that the stereotypical stout, like a creamy Guinness, but a great flavor overall. This is a solid beer that does everything well, but nothing superbly. A “Jack of all Trades” if you will. That is in no way a knock on the brew, it is good. My opinion could very well be a little altered due to the fact I have been drinking Imperial stouts of the Russian variety lately. Regardless of that, this is a good beer, which I am glad that I finally found. Once again, well done Mt. Carmel.

Hopefully this finds you drinking a finely crafted beer on this special day in beer history!


Beer:30… Mt. Carmel Winter Ale.

As I have stated before, I love winter beer season. It is the time of year where beers get darker, a little spice comes out to play, and the beers just warm the soul. I usually feel a little disappointment when the season is over, but how many of us would drink these darker specialties if they were available year round? I can’t imagine drinking a winter ale in the heat of July. But that’s me. This is a special time of year, so drink it up while it’s still here!

That said, enter Mt. Carmel’s Winter Ale:

This is, by far, my favorite winter/seasonal brew on the planet. Sure there are some tasty ones out there that I enjoy, but this beer is different.

For starters, just look at the label. While the mass majority of beers that hit the market have a plain label (ex. Bud, Miller, Yuengling, etc.) this beer has a beautiful winter scene gracing the bottle. It is simple, yet elegant. A nice winter scene depicting the brewery in the colder months. Their labels stand out nicely amongst the other random bottles. If you are familiar with their other seasonals, the brewery in the picture changes with the time of year. This is the only true way of telling time in my household. That’s a lie, but you get the idea…

Next up, the flavor. This beer is what a winter beer should be. Best described from the label, “…Scents of Spruce and Ginger mingling with flavors of Orange Spiced bread…” You cannot argue with that description. The beer though pours nice and dark, the head has a stickiness to it, which in turn gives a creamy mouth feel. Reading that, it sounds a little dirty. But dirty this beer is not. The flavors do “mingle” nicely, giving you a taste of spice, a little hint of fruits, and the sweet malt taste that winter beers are known for. It is balanced so perfectly, you do not realize that the ABV is 8%. A true winter warmer.

Lastly, this beer is local. I really enjoy that fact. I know that the beer I am drinking is fresher than some of the others that are on the shelf/tap. This is also cutting down on my carbon footprint, just by supporting this local business. One of their shirt designs sums up this point quite nicely, “Keep your beer local, and make your conversations exotic.” I like that.

If you have not checked out their site, click here to check it out.
Well done Mt. Carmel, this beer is a classic!