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Just Riding Along… New Year’s resolution.

This year, I decided to make a few resolutions. One of which had to do with my unicycle. I want to be able to ride it. At the moment, I am pretty bad. And by bad I mean not good. So, why not make it a goal to be able to ride it? Sounds good to me.

Since this winter has been non existent here in SW Ohio, it has given me more time outside, and that means more time to mess with my horrible balance issues. Uni-cycling has been a little harder than I could imagine, but this is coming from a guy who cannot ride a bicycle too far without his hands on the handlebars. Anyway, I picked up my unicycle on the local Craigslist this past summer, and put a little time into it, but I always felt like I needed more rubber underneath me. Thankfully, that rubber came into town the other day. Enter the Maxxis Hookworm:

This tire is 1.95″ wide, which it looks a little bigger than it really is. Compared to the last tire that I had on this bike, it is a huge upgrade. And surprisingly, there is still room to spare on the frame, so eventually I will be searching for off road sized tires once I can ride this thing. That is the goal, or resolution, to be able to ride this bike well enough this year, to take it off road. That sounds like a good time.

Stock tire, around 1.75″ wide.

Just keep spinning…


Xtra rides and a new bike…

Spending lots of time on the Xtracycle here lately. I have been putting in quite a few miles, loaded and unloaded, trying to get ready for my upcoming bike camping trip next month. Still not too sure on my route, but it will be a 2 or 3 day journey. I have never done anything like it before, so I am really excited about it. Anyway, I have been trying to tackle all of the tough hills in the area, and last night, I conquered probably one of the best hills in the greater Cincinnati metro area. Cunningham Rd. from Camp Dennison going into Indian Hill. The photo below does not do it justice. Very steep.

Today, I scored a new bike. Technically, just half of a bike. Finally bought a unicycle! I have been wanting one for quite some time now, and I found one on the local craigslist for $25, so I bought it. Quite possibly, one of the hardest things that I have ever tried to do. Tonight, I spent around 40 minutes just trying to balance on it, to no avail. I did end up going as far as two pedal strokes, but man is this hard. I will be lucky if I can ride around the block by the end of the summer. But, that is my goal, baby steps with this bike. I will say though, in just that short amount of time, it wore me out. Crazy.


So I have figured out recently, that I obsess over some things. For example, I have obsessed over the Surly Big Dummy, now moving on from that to the new Surly Troll, and with my newest obsession, Mountain Uni-cycling! The past couple weeks, I have been scouring all of the area Craigslists looking for a used unicycle for me to learn how to ride. If you have never seen how awesome MUNI is, just do a simple youtube search for it, and you will be amazed. I think that this will liven up some of the more mellow trails in the SW Ohio area for me, plus rock a great core workout! Stay tuned!