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Just Riding Along…Day 5.

Another day down, today was a little out of the norm. Temperatures again in the mid 40s this morning, but today added a steady rain. Riding in the rain is fun for the most part, and today was no exception. The key to wet weather riding is having the proper clothing. I cannot express how much I love my Mountain Hardwear softshell jscket! That coat is the most amazing piece of clothing that I own. Through the steady rain, and cooler temperature, I was warm and toasty for the entire ride. As for the ride, not a bad distance for today. Just around 7 miles, which is not an amazing journey by any means, but squeezed in before I go to work? That is a great time. I have said it before, but riding before work is a great way to start off your day!

My Magicshine headlight came in today. This little light has me even more excited about my month of biking. Super bright, and smaller than I expected:

I found this light on eBay from the website and got it with free shipping and a free model upgrade! Talk about awesome service! This light will get the full write up in the next few days once I get some time on the bike with it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rain free, so a Bikes, Beer, Birds beer ride is on the agenda for tomorrow night! Check the Facebook page for details!

Ramble on…


Just Riding Along… Day 3.

Another day down, and many more to go. This morning’s segment was especially tough due to having to work today. Normally I am up around 5:15am on work days, but today I awoke at 4:50am to get a decent ride in. Not as long of a ride today, but a ride nonetheless. Any time on the bike is what counts here!

One of the many great benefits of this self imposed challenge is that I am slowly figuring out my cold weather clothing situation. Today, with the temperature in the thirties again, I was overdressed, and even sweating on my short four mile ride. Today’s setup:

For my upper body, I started with an older polypropylene base, followed by my old faithful military wool sweater. Over those was a Polartec fleece vest, and topped off with my Mountain Hardwear soft shell jacket. Down below I started with a pair of Lycra riding shorts, followed by Under Armour tights, track pants, and lastly a pair of Columbia snowboarding pants. This arrangement was way too warm! I feel that this setup will work wonders in the colder months ahead, but for the thirty degree mark it is just too much.

Tomorrow I will experiment further, and hopefully I will have my layering system figured out by the end of this month.

Stay warm out there!