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Just Riding Along… Day 23.

A 11.68 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 23, 2011 at 05:08 pm

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Quick, evening ride today. Basic ride along the Little Miami scenic path. This has been one of the more mellow Decembers that I can remember, weather wise. This evening stayed around the mid to high 30s. At one point in my life I would have thought that this would be too cold to ride, primarily when I lived in Southern California. But for riding in Ohio, I will take the mid 30s any day. The best riding here in Ohio though, is when the temperature is below freezing, and you hit the trails. Riding over frozen ground has the sound of Velcro, and I am really excited for this winter, if it ever comes.

Finally started working on this Gary Fisher Sugar 1. Rode it around the block tonight before I started the cleaning process. I will admit, the frame looks beat. But this bike rides nice. I will be posting this in the “Bicycle for Sale” section here within the week, so keep an eye out for a pretty sweet deal.


Just Riding Along… Day 22.

A ride mapped on 12/22/2011

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Morning ride for Day 22. The official first day of Winter, seems more like the first day of Spring. Thankfully the days are going to slowly but surely start getting longer. I cannot wait for the warmer days of the summer, but I am in no way wishing away time though. It will come soon enough.

Not much for today, cannot believe though that Christmas is only 3 days away. Where did this year go?

Just Riding Along… Day 21.

Today’s ride was supposed to start at 5am. Every night, I set my alarm about three different times, all around 3 minutes apart from the next. This morning, however, 5am came a little earlier than expected, and since there was a steady downpour, I was back to sleep in a hurry. I do enjoy riding in the rain, but a warm toasty bed is hard to leave for the cold, wet pavement. So I hit the snooze button.

This was a blessing in disguise though. The rain cleared, the sun started to peek through the remaining clouds, and the temperatures hovered around 60 degrees. Not your typical Ohio December weather. With a couple errands to run, and the favorable weather, I loaded up my daughter in her trailer, and off we went.

The weather at the start of the ride was a little gloomy, but soon at our destination of the Little Miami river, the sun came out, and we hung around the bridge for a bit. Due to the recent deluge of rain, the river was running high:

After hanging out on the bridge, it was time to head back into town and finish our Christmas shopping. Downtown Milford has a variety of stores to fill any need that you might have. Our destination was the local outfitter Roads, Rivers, Trails. They have a great shop in the heart of downtown, with quite the variety of gear to suit pretty much any need that you would have. Great shop that I highly recommend. After picking up our gift, it was home for lunch.

This was a great way to still get my daily ride, and include my daughter as well. She loves being on the bike, and this was our first “real” ride utilizing the trailer. She seems to be comfortable in it, and it did keep her entertained as well. It was also more of a leg workout than I thought it would be, pulling all of that extra weight. What little climbs that I encountered woke up the leg muscles really fast. I look forward to using the trailer a little more…

Just Riding Along… Day 20.

A 10.01 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 20, 2011 at 08:16 pm

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Nice, relaxing ride in the rain this evening, which was much needed after a rough day at work. Today I had planned to ride in the morning, but my bed was warm and toasty, and 4:30am came way too quickly for my liking. So, enter the night ride. Tonight’s ride was a cleansing of sorts. A mental cleansing if you will.

This was also my first ride in my new cycling pants from Rivendell, their MUSA knickers. I am not sure if I like the word, but it is definitely better than man capris, which is essentially what they are. But, being a bit skeptical at first, they are amazing! Lightweight, reflective stripes on the legs, built in belt, Velcro on the legs, and also made here in the USA. Pretty awesome. A quality product from a great company. Now if only I could get one of their bikes…

Picture from Rivendell’s site.

After this mental cleanse, it was time for a beer. Tonight’s flavor was North Coast Brewing’s 2011 Old Stock Ale. So far, one of my favorite beers that I have tasted, review coming soon.

While riding with my friend Eric one day, we started talking the concepts of Eastern religions. I cannot remember where this quote came from, but I found it profound, which I will probably butcher in my horrible paraphrasing: The past is not important, the future is irrelevant, the most important moment is right now. Nothing will be better than this moment. Makes complete sense.

So in that light, go do something…

Just Riding Along… Day 19.

I feel that this sticker sums up my month long experiment. Kind of in a dirty way, but still sums it up.

Tonight’s ride, in the rain, was a quick little jaunt to the grocery store to buy some beer. Only around 4 miles total, but a nice quick ride, late in the night. This was also my first time loading up the T500, which it surprised me quite a bit. After riding it for a while with the flat bar setup, I had forgotten that it is a tried and true touring bike. I did not even notice the weight of the 10 bottles of beer strapped to the rack. True, not a lot of weight, but you would expect to feel something. The only time it was noticeable was when I stood and danced on the pedals while climbing. To get the beer home, I used a canvas reusable grocery bag, a ratchet tie down strap, and a bungee cord. Worked pretty well, but I think some panniers are in order for this bike!

At work, we are doing a holiday beer exchange. Six people bringing in six different holiday brews, and everyone take one of each. Pretty straight forward, and easy idea. My selection is from Clipper City brewing, their winter Heavy Seas. The other selection I have wanted to try for quite some time, North Coast’s Old Stock Ale. I really like North Coast, so I am sure this one will not disappoint.

Tomorrow is day 20, planning on a morning ride to mix it up a bit. I cannot believe how fast this month is going, 2012 is almost here.

Just Riding Along… Day 18.

A 6.42 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 18, 2011 at 07:55 pm

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Quick ride tonight, in between working from home. Sometimes my job requires me to work at home, usually in the evenings. Some people work from home all of the time, for example being stuck behind a computer. (Like I am right now…) My job is a little unusual. My working from home equals bringing a baby bird home and feeding it through the night. Usually just a couple feedings, but interesting nonetheless. Tonight’s bird flavor is something that I have never worked with before, and due to the fact that it is only a couple days old, and the zoo has not released it as of yet, I will keep that under wraps. Soon enough I will post some pictures.

Nice ride tonight, very clear sky with a mild temperature. Lots of stars out, with visible constellations such as Orion, Cygnus, Cassiopeia, and Jupiter hanging high in the sky. I need to get out more and appreciate the heavens a little more often. At one time in my life I could name just about everything in the night sky, but due to not using it, I have very little left. Another thing I need to add to the list…

One interesting thing to note from tonight’s ride: While riding on the road getting ready to turn into the bike path parking lot, a car honked at me. Clearly, with my hand signal, and waiting for the oncoming traffic, AND being right at the trailhead, this car became upset that it had to wait about 7 seconds. Seriously? Relax people. Don’t be in so much of a rush, 7 seconds is not enough time to catastrophically ruin anything. Except a hand grenade.

Just Riding Along… Day 17.

Busy day today for the month of biking. Two big family functions half way across the state, but still got in a quick ride once we returned to Milford. Quick little ride with a decent climb into Indian Hill. Then a fast descent back down to Terrace Park. In TP, linked back up to the Little Miami bike path for the trip home via a short, but technical single track climb. I am a little surprised at how well the T500 climbed while off road. Luckily, the trail was dry, or I would have been pushing the bike back to the path. Once back to Milford, I snapped the photo above, and continued home. That welcomed me with homemade pizzeles, two dancing ladies jamming Bing Crosby, and a Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal stout. Made me stop to realize how blessed we are to be living in such amazing times. Take time to stop and realize that from time to time. Enough of that, here is the map:

A 8.01 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 17, 2011 at 04:44 pm

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