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Just Riding Along… Day 31, Happy New Year!

A 5.67 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 31, 2011 at 04:55 am

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Quick ride to start the day this morning. Day 31. Finished. What a great way to end 2011. Almost 300 miles for the month. Not as much as I had hoped, but not bad for a dreary, wet December.

This just proves to me that you can get out in the cold, dark, wet weather, and still get a bike ride in. After this month, there is no excuse to not ride in the warmer months, rain or shine. I think this is the start of something special…

Hope 2011 was good for you, hope the new year brings much luck and great beer along the way!

Happy New Year!


Just Riding Along… Day 30.

Hard to believe that this month is coming to a close. With the holidays behind us, now the year is about to move on to the next. This has been a great way to round out the year of 2011, hopefully I can continue this momentum into the new year. I really wonder however, how much I would have ridden this month if we would have had a more “typical” Ohio winter? Would I have ridden as much as I did? Not 100% sure on that one, but this has been a great month for cycling. For tomorrow, it will be a quick morning ride before work.

Spent the afternoon riding into and around Indian Hill. As you can see from the picture above, I was dodging rain with every corner. Today, the planet bike fenders earned their keep on the T500, without them I would have been completely soaked from the wet roadways. It is nice to stay dry while riding the bike. A couple quick downpours during the route, but nothing that my Mountain Hardwear jacket couldn’t handle. In the unseasonably warm temperatures, the rain was a little pleasant. I am starting to like riding in the rain, which makes me look forward to this spring. Maybe I will do another month of biking then?

A 16.61 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 30, 2011 at 03:52 pm

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Just Riding Along… Day 29.

A 19.22 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 29, 2011 at 06:25 am

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Finally, after days of trying, I was out the door in the morning for a bike ride. I have, at least for today, defeated my warm bed. It is nice to get out before the sun, and home just after the sun rises. Unfortunately due to the overcast sky, it was not a pretty sunrise, but still nice to be out and about. Almost 20 miles for the day, which is a great way to start the morning.

Just Riding Along… Day 28.

A 13.64 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 28, 2011 at 07:10 pm

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Once again, my warm bed wins. Today’s plan was to be up and out in the early AM light, but again, my bed kept me corralled under the warm, toasty covers. It is really hard for me to get moving on my days off, especially when my 3 year old alarm clock does not go off. Usually, when she sleeps in, so do I. Today was a prime example of that. Anyway, got a nice ride in this evening after what my wife and I were calling “Family Fun Day.” Lots of good adventures in and around the city for my family and I. While out today, I took my camera along and here are a few shots from the day:

Eagle statue near Krohn Conservatory.

Some type of pitcher plant from the Orchid Room at the Conservatory.

Cormorant and Fisherman statue from Eden Park.

Nice day to be outside today, and an even nicer evening to be on the bike. Around 13 miles for today, hopefully I can make it up and out in the morning tomorrow to log some long miles. Early to bed, early to rise, right?

Just Riding Along… Day 27.

A ride mapped on 12/27/2011

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Today’s plan was to be out the door by 5am. That time came, and since I took today off, and it was raining, I decided the right thing to do would be to stay in bed. Call me lazy, I am fine with that. Maybe tomorrow I will get out the door a little earlier than the afternoon. We shall see…

The cool thing about living in a small town, is that most of the time you can bike to where ever you need to go, and it will be just as quick as driving. Today was a fine example of that, getting in my quick ride, and picking up some essentials from my local bike shop, Bishop’s Bicycles. Very quick little ride for today, but a ride nonetheless.

Decided to make the trip on Big Red. This bike today was especially fun, due to the steady drizzle. The roads were nice and wet, so every time I needed to stop, I slammed onto the pedal to activate the coaster brake and slid to a stop. This really put me back to my childhood, like I was a 10 year old again. One thing that my friends and I would do as kids would be to ride down the gravel road as fast as we could, and see who could leave the longest skid, and the most fishtails. Always a good time, and today, even though I was by myself, it was still just as fun. I recommend it if you have nothing to do today.

Today’s purchase was from the company Planet Bike. Just a set of fenders for the T500, which it desperately needed. This has been a wet December here in Ohio, and my Mountain Hardwear jacket shows. This will make my winter riding that much more enjoyable. Plus, Planet Bike donates 25% of their profits to cycling advocacy. A company that puts their money where their mouth is, fantastic. Thanks Planet Bike!

Just Riding Along… Day 26.

A 4.55 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 26, 2011 at 04:50 am

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Quick ride this morning for the month of biking. Nice, clear, cold morning with an easy pace to wake up the mind. Zero traffic for the day after Christmas, which made the ride that more enjoyable. Today, I rode around some of the streets here in Milford that I have not been on before. Nice ride, not too much more than that. Another morning ride up for tomorrow morning…

Forgot to mention, I did not skip a bike ride for Christmas day, another morning ride before work, enter the map:

A 7.64 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 25, 2011 at 04:43 am

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Just Riding Along… Day 24.

Due to the holiday, after I ended my time at work it was time to hang with the family. Nice relaxing evening, but did squeeze in a quick, 1.5 mile ride with Big Red. Only a quick ride to get out, and take a few pictures. That said, Merry Christmas, hope tomorrow is a nice relaxing day filled with good times.

Playing with shadows.

Sem Villa retirement home at night.

Neighbor’s lights, with Big Red…