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Just Riding Along… Day 14.

Along the Little Miami scenic path.

Perfect weather today in SW Ohio, very unusual for this time of year. Normally, this would be the start of clearing away snow from the sidewalks, but today was around 60 degrees. Perfect day for a bike ride.

This afternoon, I started out on the T500 to get in a good ride through nearby Indian Hill to tackle some hills. After about 3 miles, I realized that I had a flat rear tire, and no spare tube, tools or pump. Luckily, I had briefly chatted with a friend at the trailhead parking lot, who graciously picked me up to spare me the torture of walking back to the house. Moral of the story: Be prepared.

After being dropped off at home, I switched out my Magicshine from the T500 to the HaroX and took off once again. Determined to take advantage of this great weather, I once again started off into Indian Hill. Not a long ride by any means, but still a bit of climbing, and one long descent which really makes the ride. After the long cruise out of Indian Hill, it was home for dinner.

Racing the sunset in Indian Hill.

After dinner, I received a call from my brother-in-law who had the urge to test out his new Cannondale for the first time, and asked if I felt like a night ride. For sure. So, once again, on the bike path for another round, this time again on the HaroX. Unfortunately, something was amiss in the rear wheel, which ended up being another flat tire. Luckily, this time, I had a spare, and the proper tools to fix the problem, and ride home without issue. Seriously, two flats in the same day? That has not happened in a while, and I cannot remember the last time that I had a flat. But at least I was prepared.

Almost the half way point for the month, here are the maps of today’s rides, minus the 1st ride:

A ride mapped on 12/14/2011

Find more Cycling Routes / Bike Rides in Milford, OH

A ride mapped on 12/14/2011

Find more Cycling Routes / Bike Rides in Milford, OH

All in all, such a great time today on the bike. Even thought there were a couple flat tires, I was still out enjoying the weather, and enjoying the spin. That is what it is all about, and now this is starting to become a habit. I am cool with that. Hope you got out and enjoyed this great weather!


Just Riding Along… Day 11.

Coldest morning to date, finishing with a more complete frozen beard.

iMapMyRun: Dec 11, 2011 05:25 am

Find more Cycling Routes / Bike Rides in Milford, OH

This morning was the most clear that it has been since I have started my month of biking. I probably could have ridden with out using my light due to the super bright moon. But, it gave me a chance to experiment with the settings/placement of the Magicshine to get the optimal light “throw.”

While riding today, the T500 has been making some interesting noises, mostly from the bottom bracket. If it is starting to go, it should not be a costly repair, but it probably is due for replacement. Shimano square taper bottom brackets are a dime a dozen at the bike shop.

This got me thinking of different bikes, and I stumbled across an interesting one:

This bike is from the site Bike Nashbar. It is called their steel commuter. This is basically what I want the T500 to be. Internal 8 speed Shimano Nexus hub laced to heavy duty 36h rims, lugged(!) steel frame, 700×38 road tires, fenders and a rack. Not too bad, especially since Nashbar throws out amazing sale prices from time to time. I will be watching for this one to drop a little more.

Are you seeing a pattern yet? I ride my bike, and think about other bikes? It is a never ending cycle… no pun intended.

Ramble on…

Just Riding Along… Day 10.

10 days of riding. Tonight was probably the hardest to get on the bike, due to the temperature hanging around the mid 20s, and me being chilled all day. Very low motivation to get out and ride. But, what fun would that be?

Continuing with the night rides, I finished off the week with a ten mile ride along the Little Miami path. Beautiful, clear night for riding, with the moon almost full. Lots of light from the moon, and with the Magicshine, the path was like riding in the daylight.

I am amazed more and more at the quality of the Magicshine. For it’s relatively low entry fee, it is quite amazing. And to top it off, the battery life is not too bad either. Great deal if you happen to be looking for a bicycle light!

Relaxing into the night with a 2011 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, ride before work tomorrow morning…

iMapMyRun: Dec 10, 2011 07:19 pm

Find more Cycling Routes / Bike Rides in Milford, OH

Just Riding Along…Day 5.

Another day down, today was a little out of the norm. Temperatures again in the mid 40s this morning, but today added a steady rain. Riding in the rain is fun for the most part, and today was no exception. The key to wet weather riding is having the proper clothing. I cannot express how much I love my Mountain Hardwear softshell jscket! That coat is the most amazing piece of clothing that I own. Through the steady rain, and cooler temperature, I was warm and toasty for the entire ride. As for the ride, not a bad distance for today. Just around 7 miles, which is not an amazing journey by any means, but squeezed in before I go to work? That is a great time. I have said it before, but riding before work is a great way to start off your day!

My Magicshine headlight came in today. This little light has me even more excited about my month of biking. Super bright, and smaller than I expected:

I found this light on eBay from the website and got it with free shipping and a free model upgrade! Talk about awesome service! This light will get the full write up in the next few days once I get some time on the bike with it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rain free, so a Bikes, Beer, Birds beer ride is on the agenda for tomorrow night! Check the Facebook page for details!

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Just Riding Along…Day 2.

Another cold morning out on the bike. This project might be a little harder than I thought, as I had absolutely zero motivation to leave my warm bed for the icy dark coldness that waited for me outside. After piling on the layers, I was out the door, and trying to find a comfortable cadence to warm my spirit. Just like with running, the first mile or so is the worst, but then the body starts to warm, and the ride is actually quite pleasant. Temperatures were in the low 30s this morning, which is warmer than yesterday, but not noticeable at all. Once you are below freezing, the temperature is just cold. I’m sure if someone from Alaska or even Wisconsin read that I would be called a pansy, but go easy on me.

Lights are essential for morning rides this time of year, and by the photo above, you can tell I am lacking in that department. The headlight is a small LED from Harbor Freight that cost around $7. Not too bad, it actually covers the entire trail with a dull glow. That matched with my headlamp, makes it a little easier to see on the bike path. But it is more of a “hey, I’m a bicycle!” style light, not a true headlight. So, yesterday, I ordered one of these:

The Magicshine 808, claimed at 900 lumen. This light gets great reviews, so I pulled the trigger and finally ordered one. I have been debating a “real” bicycle light for about a year now, and finally one is on it’s way to live on my On One Mary bars. This just might make this little experiment of mine go a little easier.

Always good to start your day with a bike ride and some bluegrass.

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