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Just Riding Along… Back in the saddle.

After taking a break from my blog for a bit, and a break from cycling, today was the day to get out and about for a quick ride through Indian Hill. I have been contemplating as to what to do with this site, but interrupted that thought process for a much needed mind clearing, and leg burning ride. It was exactly what I needed…

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Beauty and Destruction.

I found myself riding in and around Indian Hill today, riding along a similar route from not too long ago. Indian Hill is one of my favorite areas to ride because the roads are the closest thing in the Cincinnati area to the country back roads I grew up around. Well, the difference being McMansions instead of mobile homes and Maseratis passing you instead of beat up old F150s. I will take what I can get with these roads…

Crossroads of the ride.

Daylily if I remember right.

From this point, I dropped out of Indian Hill, and connected to the Little Miami bike path. Off of the path, most people have probably passed this trailer park. Now though, it is being dismantled, turning an already interesting area into a very surreal sight.

Troll in the trailer park.

Looking through the window.

After the scene of destruction, I headed south on the bike path, and went back into the Milf. Instead of going straight home, I took the scenic route through the local nature preserve before rounding home, finishing up a great day in the saddle.

Just keep spinning…

Just Riding Along… Get Lost.

Spent time getting lost on the Troll today, only to find my way back. Today’s ride was just what I needed.

Over the Little Miami River.Over the Little Miami River.

Taking a H2O break in Indian Hill.Taking a H2O break in Indian Hill.

Old school Rollfast ,along the trail in Camp Dennison.Vintage Rollfast off of the trail in Camp Dennison.

Just keep spinning…

Just Riding Along… Day 30.

Hard to believe that this month is coming to a close. With the holidays behind us, now the year is about to move on to the next. This has been a great way to round out the year of 2011, hopefully I can continue this momentum into the new year. I really wonder however, how much I would have ridden this month if we would have had a more “typical” Ohio winter? Would I have ridden as much as I did? Not 100% sure on that one, but this has been a great month for cycling. For tomorrow, it will be a quick morning ride before work.

Spent the afternoon riding into and around Indian Hill. As you can see from the picture above, I was dodging rain with every corner. Today, the planet bike fenders earned their keep on the T500, without them I would have been completely soaked from the wet roadways. It is nice to stay dry while riding the bike. A couple quick downpours during the route, but nothing that my Mountain Hardwear jacket couldn’t handle. In the unseasonably warm temperatures, the rain was a little pleasant. I am starting to like riding in the rain, which makes me look forward to this spring. Maybe I will do another month of biking then?

A 16.61 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 30, 2011 at 03:52 pm

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Just Riding Along… Day 17.

Busy day today for the month of biking. Two big family functions half way across the state, but still got in a quick ride once we returned to Milford. Quick little ride with a decent climb into Indian Hill. Then a fast descent back down to Terrace Park. In TP, linked back up to the Little Miami bike path for the trip home via a short, but technical single track climb. I am a little surprised at how well the T500 climbed while off road. Luckily, the trail was dry, or I would have been pushing the bike back to the path. Once back to Milford, I snapped the photo above, and continued home. That welcomed me with homemade pizzeles, two dancing ladies jamming Bing Crosby, and a Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal stout. Made me stop to realize how blessed we are to be living in such amazing times. Take time to stop and realize that from time to time. Enough of that, here is the map:

A 8.01 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 17, 2011 at 04:44 pm

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Just Riding Along… Day 9.

Switching gears for today’s ride, started off this afternoon. Temperature in the mid to high 30s, with a slight drizzle. Not enough to dampen the spirit though, just enough to freshen up the face while riding. I am really starting to enjoy riding in the rain, I cannot wait until this spring/summer to really ride in the wet weather and not be so bundled up. Cycling washes away most of your bad thoughts, and the rain adds another element of the cleansing. Enough of that hippie talk, here is the map:

iMapMyRun: Dec 9, 2011 05:37 pm

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Nice little ride today through the nearby neighborhood of Indian Hill. This is one of my favorite areas to ride, mostly due to the rural setting of the area. It is one of the most expensive areas in the greater Cincinnati region, so the houses are spaced far apart, giving it a country like quality. A few of the main roads are heavily traveled, but off of those major routes are the quiet country roads that everyone on a bicycle seeks out for their personal enjoyment. Add nice climbing to the gorgeous scenery and you have a great bicycle ride.

This ride brought one of my favorite hills, Kugler Mill, and even a little bit of snow. It was nice to see some snow on the ride, hopefully it will continue on through the night and surprise me tomorrow morning. Can’t wait…