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Beer:30… Founders Breakfast Stout.

Fall has really arrived here in Southwestern Ohio, and with that comes darker style beers. That said, starting earlier this month, Founders Brewing, out of the state up North, released bottles of their fabled Breakfast Stout. With the draft release being today, it is only fitting that I tackle this one on a Friday night. Breakfast for dinner? Yes please. Enter the Breakfast Stout:

To get this started, let’s have a story: I have wanted to try this beer for some time. My first experience with it happened at a friends wedding. After one or two too many rum and cokes, a friend handed me a bottle of this and proclaimed, “This is one of the greatest beers that I have ever had!” Instantly, I was intrigued. At this point in the evening, the wedding reception had moved into the hotel bar. In my rum clouded vision, I insisted that the bartender should open this beer for me, as I did not have an opener. He politely told me to take my drunk ass back to my room. I then, when he was not looking, proceeded to try to open this beer on the fancy marble counter top. After a few tries, much to my dismay the bottle was still intact, and now in the hands of my wife after she caught me in the act of trying to open the bottle. Fast forward to the next morning, and the bottle had disappeared, but my interest in this one was still hanging on. To this day, I am not really sure what happened to that bottle.

Enter today. After securing a 4 pack of this beer, it was finally go time. The beer pours nice and dark, like a good stout should. This one however, has a very pronounced head. Aroma wise, nice notes of coffee and roasted malts hit your nose. When the beer hits your taste buds, you will be hit with flavors of coffee, malts, bitter chocolate, some oatmeal flavor, and more coffee at the finish. Carbonation is spot on, this beer feels good in your mouth. It basically makes you want to have another. Careful with this beer though, as it clocks in at 8.3% ABV, which is heavy duty for a stout. It blows my mind that this beer is so high in ABV, as you cannot taste the alcohol at all. This one is very enjoyable, and it sets the new standard in my household for a stout!

When you think of stouts, if the first beer that pops into your head is a Guinness, you NEED to drink this beer. It will completely re-write your opinion of the darker craft. I will even go on to say that I enjoy it above and beyond my favorite stout, Sam Smith’s Oatmeal stout. This beer delivers, so go give it a shot! It pains me that it has taken so long to finally drink one of these amazing beers, but boy am I glad that I did. Once again, Michigan delivers the good stuff. I really need to look more into property up there…

Well done Founders!



Just Riding Along… Day 6.

Yesterday’s installment of 30 days of biking was a type of ride that needs to happen more often. I like to call these rides, “Beer rides.” This version started here in Milford, and rode up to Loveland via the Little Miami bike path. Once in Loveland, it was time for drinks at Paxton’s Grill. A couple friends arrived, and we were off in to the cold, wet night.

Paxtons always has an amazing craft beer selection, and last night was no exception. Unfortunately we missed their winter beer tasting event, but the friendly staff hooked us up with lots of free appetizers and desserts that were left over. Beers that were on our table: Avery Old Jubilation ale, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, and Founder’s Red’s Rye PA. All three were top notch, which is to be expected from Paxton’s selection. These beers also warmed up our spirit from the almost icy temperatures outside. Good strong beers, free appetizers, and a great atmosphere made this ride very enjoyable. So the night went: Bike ride, craft beer, free food, and ride home. Once back in Milford, we capped the night with a Mt. Carmel Stout. These rides need to happen more often, which once 2012 hits, we are planning on making them more regular. Stay tuned…

If you haven’t checked it yet, check out Paxton’s website, and go spend some time there, you will not be disappointed. Thanks to them for a great time.

The bikes locked up outside of Paxton’s.