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Just Riding Along… Year of photos.

This past year I have really gotten into photography, and it didn’t hurt that I bought a new camera either. Here are my favorite shots from this past year or so. Some of these I have posted here before, some on Flickr, some not at all. These are just my favorites that I have taken this year. Keep in mind while viewing, I still have lots to learn about photography. I hope to keep learning and improve. Enjoy!

First ride on the Xtracycle.

Upper Falls at Hocking Hills state park.

Hocking Hills state park.

Lower Falls at Hocking Hills state park.

Rim Trail at Conckle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve.

Inside Conckle’s Hollow.

Waiting for Disney’s Electric Parade.

Sunset at Mohican State Park.

My daughter on her tricycle.

Pretty tree.

Cali moving the ball with her mind.

Big Red on a night ride.

Eagle statue at Eden Park.

Valley View Nature Preserve.

On the trail.

Sycamores and blue skies.

T500 avoiding the rain.

Troll ready to be blasted.

I should point out that there are three different cameras in use for these pictures. This year I used my old Olympus FE-20, an HTC Evo phone, and my Sony Nex-3. I am really loving the Sony, and in my relative newness to photography, it is funny to me that I have already found it’s limits. Granted, it was a HUGE upgrade from the Olympus, but I am already thinking of another camera in the near future. Just like bikes, the proper number of cameras in N+1. If you have any comments, or helpful tips, please leave them in the comments section below!

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Day 28.

A 13.64 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 28, 2011 at 07:10 pm

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Once again, my warm bed wins. Today’s plan was to be up and out in the early AM light, but again, my bed kept me corralled under the warm, toasty covers. It is really hard for me to get moving on my days off, especially when my 3 year old alarm clock does not go off. Usually, when she sleeps in, so do I. Today was a prime example of that. Anyway, got a nice ride in this evening after what my wife and I were calling “Family Fun Day.” Lots of good adventures in and around the city for my family and I. While out today, I took my camera along and here are a few shots from the day:

Eagle statue near Krohn Conservatory.

Some type of pitcher plant from the Orchid Room at the Conservatory.

Cormorant and Fisherman statue from Eden Park.

Nice day to be outside today, and an even nicer evening to be on the bike. Around 13 miles for today, hopefully I can make it up and out in the morning tomorrow to log some long miles. Early to bed, early to rise, right?