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This blog has moved…

After three years or so with this website, I am finally moving on to something new. So what does that mean for this one? Basically, I am keeping it online for a while. All of the posts will remain here, and nothing new will be added. That said, all of the posts were also imported to my new site, and new posts will continue there. So what is the site?

Head on over to Outside Cincinnati, which essentially is the exact same blog that I am doing now, with a fresh new look and a new address. That is about it. Why the change you might ask?

When I started this blog, I had no idea really what I was doing. I picked a few topics that I liked, and tried to stay within those topics. For a little over the last year though, I have been branching out to different subjects, and I just felt that a name change was in order. Thats all. I am still going to be writing about bikes, beer, birds maybe, but adding other topics like running, hiking, backpacking, etc. Hopefully that makes sense.

Thanks for reading with me this far, head on over to the new land to keep it current.

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Taking the long way.

With gas prices hovering around $4/gal, my day to day errands on my off days are spent on the bike. Two prime examples of that today:

First, the Cannondale T500 was hooked up to the trailer and my daughter and I were off to the dreaded BMV. Since we live in a small town, this is not too bad of an ordeal, usually we can walk right in and not have to wait in line, or take the ever so slow number and wait. For hours. Not the case here in Milford luckily. After that task was over, it was off to the local playground for some slide time and a break at our usual spot on the scenic Little Miami River. This is the view from our favorite bench:

Little Miami state and national scenic river, and also my 1000th picture with my EVO.

While at our spot, a few boats were out and about cruising down the waterway, and my daughter decided at that point that we need a boat. Really twisted my arm on that one. So that got me thinking… Bikes, Beer and Boats? That might just have to happen.

Second errand of the day was on the Surly Troll. Just a quick trip to the grocery store for a few items (beer) and I decided to take the long way. Through the local nature preserve, around the neighborhood, and my quick little trip to the grocery turned into a 7 mile or so ride. Not too bad at all.

I have to say, the more that I ride the Troll the more I am liking it. I would even venture to say that I built my dream bike. What a different bike than I thought I would call my dream bike, but it is an amazing piece of bicycling culture. I recently switched over to my Maxxis Crossmark 26×2.1s, and they make this bike shine even more. The smaller tires really speed up the bikes demeanor on the trail, and also makes it quicker than it should be on the road. Very versatile, and that is the name of the game with the Troll. Rant over, here is the only picture that I took on my beer run:

All in all a good day of riding.

Just keep spinning…

Just Riding Along… Day 12.

Today’s installment, riding with the moon again. Clear calm night in SW Ohio once again, perfect weather for riding. Short ride, but still a ride, almost to the halfway point for the month. Enter the map:

A 6.59 mile Bike Ride in Milford on Dec 12, 2011 at 08:50 pm

Find more Cycling Routes / Bike Rides in Milford, OH

I really like the app for Map My Ride. Very handy, and free. Not just for cycling, but for other outdoor pursuits as well. Check it out if you have not already.

I normally do not ride with my iPod, and tonight I did not have it as well. Every now and again I will wear it, but I usually like to hear the random sounds that are going on around me. Tonight however, I had a soundtrack in my head, a song that I could not shake. It flowed with my pace perfectly, and I enjoyed going over and over this song in my mind while riding with the moon. Amazing. The band is Fleet Foxes, and this is the song:

Just Riding Along…Day 5.

Another day down, today was a little out of the norm. Temperatures again in the mid 40s this morning, but today added a steady rain. Riding in the rain is fun for the most part, and today was no exception. The key to wet weather riding is having the proper clothing. I cannot express how much I love my Mountain Hardwear softshell jscket! That coat is the most amazing piece of clothing that I own. Through the steady rain, and cooler temperature, I was warm and toasty for the entire ride. As for the ride, not a bad distance for today. Just around 7 miles, which is not an amazing journey by any means, but squeezed in before I go to work? That is a great time. I have said it before, but riding before work is a great way to start off your day!

My Magicshine headlight came in today. This little light has me even more excited about my month of biking. Super bright, and smaller than I expected:

I found this light on eBay from the website and got it with free shipping and a free model upgrade! Talk about awesome service! This light will get the full write up in the next few days once I get some time on the bike with it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rain free, so a Bikes, Beer, Birds beer ride is on the agenda for tomorrow night! Check the Facebook page for details!

Ramble on…

Just Riding Along… 31 days.

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, it’s time to get back into a cycling routine. November was an off month for me exercise wise. Which who really stays in a routine during the holidays? I sure didn’t.

Time to get back into a regular cycling routine though. I am not the most motivated person out there, so I need to set a goal, and make it public. That keeps me honest, and opens myself up to ridicule if I fail. That’s a great motivating factor. Anyway, here is the plan:

My plan for the month of December is to bike or run every single day.

Yeah, I said it, every day. This will be tough, with the colder temperatures, less sunlight, and more holiday time coming up, but I think it is doable. Scratch that, it is doable. No thinking about it, just do it. (Enter cheesy Nike commercial)

So to start it off, this morning I was out before the sun on the HaroX. Air temperature was in the mid 20s, and lots of fog out. Just a quick ride to warm up the lungs. I have to say, it was a great way to start my morning. I am looking forward to this.

Keep checking back to see some progress, or check on Twitter @codsow. I will be tagging the posts with #monthofbiking, and posting up the Map My Ride ride/run reports daily.

Only 30 more days to go…

Milford Sunflower Classic…

This past weekend was the Milford Sunflower Festival. Main street is shut off from traffic, vendors line the strip, and this year two separate stages were set up for live, local music. It is a festival that I look forward to every year. Before the vendors, live bands, and beer truck, there is first a bicycle race: The Sunflower Classic. It is so nice to see local bicycle racing going through this small town, and even better to see local residents cheering on all of the cyclists. This year was top notch, both the bicycle race and the festival. Congrats and thank you goes out to all of the organizers and volunteers that make this special event happen! Here are some pictures and a quick video of the classic:

For some reason I really like this shot, sure it is blurry, but it just looks neat to me.

And finally, the quick video that I shot. Final race of the evening, 4th place rider hits the pace/support motorcycle. Too bad, the guy was riding well.

Off roading in Dayton…

Last week I spent some time in the Dayton area with my brother in law to hit up a couple different trails. This was the first time that I have been on singletrack in about a year, and thankfully my bro-in-law had an extra bike. First up for us was MoMBA. This is a very interesting trail that winds, twists and turns all over 100 acres or so. Very smooth, very twisty, and very enjoyable. One surprising section called the Hawk’s Lair was very uncharacteristic for Ohio, with lots and lots of rocks. At times it felt you were somewhere else. Very nice to have something a little more technical than usual. We hit every inch of trail, with the exception of the Upper Stealth, which we were okay with not riding it. All in all, around 50 minutes of riding time, around 6 or 7 miles total.

My grade for the trail: B-

Don’t get me wrong, it is a great trail. But is it worth driving to? Not really. Maybe it’s worth it if you ride MoMBA and the next trail…

After MoMBA, we drove the 20 minute drive to Yellow Springs to ride the John Bryan Singletrack. This trail is very smooth. Smooth as in you could probably get away with riding a road bike on it as long as you pick the right lines. Very little elevation change, and twisty and tight. We rode the entire loop which came in at almost 11 miles and around an hour of riding time.

My grade for John Bryan: B-

Another great trail for the area, but not really worth a long drive.

So these two trails get a B-, but when combined together, it makes a great day of riding, and that deserves an A+.