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Just Riding Along… DIY Coaster Bike.

Now that my daughter is rolling along on her training wheels, I have been thinking of the next step in her cycling career. Instead of simply pulling off her training wheels and letting her fend off the balance wolves, I finally decided to move forward with a balance bike. The only problem for me, with my frugal ways, is that balance bikes are extremely overpriced. Instead of buying a $100 bike that will get limited use, I came up with this simple solution:


I wrote about this bike a year or so ago, basically it started it’s life as an X Games motocross style bicycle. After pulling off all of the plastic garbage, it looked more like a normal bicycle. My next step for this beast was to remove the crankset, and voila! Instant balance bike!


At first, my daughter was a little hesitant riding this bike, but after one trip around the block she had already started coasting. Now, after about a week, she is trying more and more to keep her feet off of the ground, and she is looking for every single section of the sidewalk that points downhill. I feel that this is going to make her transition to riding a bicycle without training wheels that much easier, and making her enjoy cycling that much more!

If you are thinking of a balance bike for your kiddos, keep this option in mind. Sure you could spend $100 on a Strider, which would be a great brand to buy, or you could scope out your local Craigslist for a cheaper alternative. Kids bikes are all over Craigslist, and they are a dime a dozen. For this bike, I have $0 in it, and about 15 minutes of time. Not too bad in my book.

Just keep spinning, or in this case, coasting…