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Just Riding Along… Mitchell Memorial evening ride.

Another trail down on the list, I finally made it back to Mitchell Memorial after around 4 years of not being there. When I first rode it, it was only a 3.9 mile loop that was interesting, but definitely not worth the 40 minute drive. My how 4 years can change a trail…

My friend Eric and I started out on the “A” loop, which is the part of the trail that I remembered. Very flowy, tight, well groomed single track is what awaits you with the “A” trail, but at 3.9 miles it leaves you wanting more. That is where the “B” trail comes in. At just a little over 4 miles, this section of the trail was quite impressive, and still relatively new. The trail splits into an upper and lower section, that still connects, so we started on the higher road.

The upper section was a little bit of climbing, but overall nothing too impressive. Once we started to head down the hill however, things got a little interesting. Rocks were everywhere on the lower trail. And by rocks, I am not talking gravel, but huge sections of pizza box sized boulders that make this trail absolutely amazing. Lots of off-camber rocky sections that you would normally not find in Ohio, that keep you on your toes. It was an absolute pleasure to ride a trail like this again. Well done CORA for putting this one together!

The sun dropped a little quicker than we had anticipated this evening, so we pushed the pace a bit to make it back to the car before it was completely dark. Well worth the ride, and even worth the drive from the eastside of the Cincinnati region. I highly recommend this trail!

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Back to trail basics.

Lately, I have called the Troll into tail duty, which has been an absolute blast. This bike rolls so smoothly in the woods that I am having a hard time with the thought of returning it to the road. Anyway, the busy schedules of two people has finally come together, so I can now introduce my friend Eric to the wonderful sport of mountain biking. Good times indeed.

Eric is a shapeshifter…

Nice scenery off of the Lake Trail.

Big thanks to CORA for the new trail addition, which makes a great trail even better. Go ride it!

Just keep spinning…

Just Riding Along… Return to Caesar Creek.

Finally made the return trip up to Caesar Creek state park yesterday, this time with my brother in law. I have been to this park a few times, each time getting a little lost. This time however, we set out with the plan to figure out this trail system. So, after meeting up at the Harveysburg Rd. trail head, we were off to get lost.The trail overall is nice and smooth for the most part. There are lost of roots to make this trail a bit bumpy, especially on a fully rigid steel bike. Not unbearable, just rattling. The most surprising feature of this trail is the amount of climbing. Driving to the trail head through farmlands, and a relatively flat surrounding area, you would not picture much climbing action when on the trail. However, this trail was designed to put you in and out of every single little ravine in the vicinity. None of the climbs are of epic leg breaking length, but all are steep. And when I say steep, I mean you are hiking for some. It is quite the surprise.

Our route started at the Harveysburg Rd. trail head, which put us on the more techinical “Red” trail. After that section, we ended up on the “Blue” section, and from what I gather from looking at the map we rode the “Black” and some of the “Yellow.” We ended up not really sure where we were, but after consulting Google Maps on my phone, we realized that we were on our way to the campground. Not in our cards unfortunately. We doubled back at that point and figured our way back to our trucks.This is a great trail system, that from the looks of it gets lots of traffic. My only complaint is that there is no real signage. Many times we were just taking a trail at a junction to see where it ended up. But, that was the point of this ride, to figure out the system. Smooth single track and adventure just outside of Cincinnati? I will take that. Just keep spinning…

1st ride with the tire combo of the Maxxis Ardent 2.6″ paired with a Maxxis Crossmark 2.1″ in the rear.

Map of the area thanks to CORA.