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Just Riding Along… Day 13.

Yesterday’s installment of the month of biking brought out some friends for a night ride. Unseasonal warm temperatures made the evening bearable, so lots of miles were thrown down. Lots of time on the Little Miami:

A ride mapped on 12/14/2011

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Once off of the trail, we did some beer sampling with some of this season’s staples, 21st Amendment’s Fireside Chat, and Moerlein’s Christkindl. Great way to end the evening, beer and stories in the garage.


Beer:30… Christian Moerlein Christkindl Winter Wamer.

When you think of Cincinnati, does beer come to mind? I would guess not, but in all actuality, it should. This city has a rich German heritage that fueled a massive beer industry in the 1800s. Sadly, most of the breweries did not survive prohibition. One of those breweries that died off but came back was the Christian Moerlein Brewing company.

Christian Moelein was a German immigrant who arrived in the area in 1841 after growing up in Bavaria. If you know anything about beer, you probably know that Bavaria is the place to be for a good brew. Reinheitsgebot anyone? Moerlein knew a thing or two about it, and started up his own brewery here in the area in 1853, which it ran until prohibition, and came back in 1981. The Moerlein company that we know of today came about in 2004. Since then, they have been putting themselves back on the craft beer map, and this beer is one of my favorites of the season. Enter the Christkindl Winter Warmer:

Winter beers are supposed to be a little spicy, and from the last few beer posts, you are probably getting that by now. This beer is heavier on the malts than the spices though, which is not a bad thing at all. The beer has a subtle sweetness, mixed with a mild carbonation, and a hint of spices, that makes this a Cincinnati classic. This is one of my favorite seasonal beers, not my favorite overall, but a solid brew. This is also not the heaviest of the Winter Warmers that I have tried, at only around 6.95% ABV, but this beer is very easy to drink. And by easy to drink you can put down a few before you realize it. Sometimes Moerlein can be hit or miss with me, but with this beer and their Saengerfest Maibock, they make me a believer in the brand.

Good things coming in the future for Moerlein. The Moerlein Lager House will be a brand new microbrewery and restaurant on the Ohio River. I read not long ago that they will have around 100 historic Cincinnati beer recipes at their disposal to experiment with to make your beer experience that much more exciting. It is supposed to open in 2012, which cannot come soon enough! I think Mr. Moerlein would be excited himself.

If you haven’t already, check out their website.