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Just Riding Along… Do not trust wet wood.

Since I have been out of town for work, I have been off of single track for a couple weeks. My plan for the day was to be out before the sun rose and riding at East Fork state park. Unfortunately, there was a quick downpour that delayed my start time, but I still was on the trail by the late morning. While East Fork drains very well, and Ohio has been exceptionally dry lately, I figured that the rain would be soaked up by the extremely parched Earth which would leave primo trails. And primo they were, nice and tacky, with pretty amazing traction.

One part of the system that did not soak up the rain however, was the multiple bridge crossings. So the photo above shows the aftermath of a tight corner, taken a little faster than it should, and sliding off of the bridge. After doing a somersault off of the obstacle, checking that the bike and myself were okay, (Yes, in that order) I was back on the velcro like trails laughing to myself.

The point of all of this rambling: Do not trust wet wood.

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Covered bridge ride.

Since I am a big fan of history, I decided to try and find the Stonelick covered bridge here in Clermont County Ohio. Covered bridges are pretty fascinating to me, so today was the day to find this bridge. Luckily, I knew the general area, so I thought I would just ride around in the vicinity until I found it. Luckily, it was extremely easy to find. Unfortunately though, it is under construction. Still a great ride today:

Random steel bridge in the area

The Stonelick covered bridge, with a Troll.

Great Blue Heron hanging out near the East Fork of the Little Miami.

Great ride to an interesting old bridge today. After searching a bit on the web for information on this bridge, I stumbled onto this. It seems that this old bridge is haunted. That might explain why there are surveillance cameras at the entrance?

Just keep spinning…