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Just Riding Along… Year of photos.

This past year I have really gotten into photography, and it didn’t hurt that I bought a new camera either. Here are my favorite shots from this past year or so. Some of these I have posted here before, some on Flickr, some not at all. These are just my favorites that I have taken this year. Keep in mind while viewing, I still have lots to learn about photography. I hope to keep learning and improve. Enjoy!

First ride on the Xtracycle.

Upper Falls at Hocking Hills state park.

Hocking Hills state park.

Lower Falls at Hocking Hills state park.

Rim Trail at Conckle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve.

Inside Conckle’s Hollow.

Waiting for Disney’s Electric Parade.

Sunset at Mohican State Park.

My daughter on her tricycle.

Pretty tree.

Cali moving the ball with her mind.

Big Red on a night ride.

Eagle statue at Eden Park.

Valley View Nature Preserve.

On the trail.

Sycamores and blue skies.

T500 avoiding the rain.

Troll ready to be blasted.

I should point out that there are three different cameras in use for these pictures. This year I used my old Olympus FE-20, an HTC Evo phone, and my Sony Nex-3. I am really loving the Sony, and in my relative newness to photography, it is funny to me that I have already found it’s limits. Granted, it was a HUGE upgrade from the Olympus, but I am already thinking of another camera in the near future. Just like bikes, the proper number of cameras in N+1. If you have any comments, or helpful tips, please leave them in the comments section below!

Just keep spinning…


Just Riding Along… Day 27.

A ride mapped on 12/27/2011

Find more Cycling Routes / Bike Rides in Milford, OH

Today’s plan was to be out the door by 5am. That time came, and since I took today off, and it was raining, I decided the right thing to do would be to stay in bed. Call me lazy, I am fine with that. Maybe tomorrow I will get out the door a little earlier than the afternoon. We shall see…

The cool thing about living in a small town, is that most of the time you can bike to where ever you need to go, and it will be just as quick as driving. Today was a fine example of that, getting in my quick ride, and picking up some essentials from my local bike shop, Bishop’s Bicycles. Very quick little ride for today, but a ride nonetheless.

Decided to make the trip on Big Red. This bike today was especially fun, due to the steady drizzle. The roads were nice and wet, so every time I needed to stop, I slammed onto the pedal to activate the coaster brake and slid to a stop. This really put me back to my childhood, like I was a 10 year old again. One thing that my friends and I would do as kids would be to ride down the gravel road as fast as we could, and see who could leave the longest skid, and the most fishtails. Always a good time, and today, even though I was by myself, it was still just as fun. I recommend it if you have nothing to do today.

Today’s purchase was from the company Planet Bike. Just a set of fenders for the T500, which it desperately needed. This has been a wet December here in Ohio, and my Mountain Hardwear jacket shows. This will make my winter riding that much more enjoyable. Plus, Planet Bike donates 25% of their profits to cycling advocacy. A company that puts their money where their mouth is, fantastic. Thanks Planet Bike!

Just Riding Along… Day 24.

Due to the holiday, after I ended my time at work it was time to hang with the family. Nice relaxing evening, but did squeeze in a quick, 1.5 mile ride with Big Red. Only a quick ride to get out, and take a few pictures. That said, Merry Christmas, hope tomorrow is a nice relaxing day filled with good times.

Playing with shadows.

Sem Villa retirement home at night.

Neighbor’s lights, with Big Red…

Just Riding Along… Day 15.

Today’s ride was of a different pace. I have been putting in some miles here lately, and my tires have taken the brunt of it all. Yesterday’s rides both had flats, on both the T500 and the HaroX. So for today’s ride, Big Red got the call from the bullpen.

Not much on the mileage today, just had enough time to run a couple errands on Big Red. It has been a month or two since Big Red has seen any action, but as usual, pull the bike off of the rack and ride. Nothing ever really needs fixed or tuned, just pick it up and ride. Maybe since it is a beater bike, I just don’t care to fix it up, but it sometimes is the most reliable bike in my stable. But it always is one piece away from a total catastrophe. That is part of the appeal though.

Today’s errands had me down to the local bike shop, Bishop’s Bicycles. Picked up a couple tubes for the busted bikes, and chatted a bit about the allure of a Brooks saddle. I can see a B-17 in my future for sure. From there, it was off to pick up some photos and then back home. Only around 3 miles today, but it was still time on the bike. Tomorrow morning, back at it. Half way down…

A ride mapped on 12/15/2011

Find more Cycling Routes / Bike Rides in Milford, OH