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Beer:30… 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood.


21st Amendment is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries as of late. The last few beers that I have had from them have been nothing short of spectacular, especially their Lower DeBoom Barleywine from their “Big Can” series. They have now reached the status in my household that when they are noticed in the store, they usually come home with me. Awww, how sweet right?

Monk’s Blood is very interesting. They categorize it as a Belgian Dark Ale, and according to their website, their founders traveled to Belgium to visit small breweries to develop this beer. Talk about a dream trip! Anyway, lets pour some Monk’s Blood…

To say this beer pours dark would be an understatement. It is almost black in my glass, with a nice quick forming, but also quickly disappearing head. The smell that comes off of this brew is an interesting mix of darker fruits, with a small hint of vanilla. Taste wise, the dark fruit flavors really overpower this beer. There is a sweet malt flavor in there as well, and the beer finishes dry and spicy, with a bit of cinnamon. I am not picking up any alcohol flavors, which is a bit odd since it clocks in at 8.3% ABV. One point that should be noted though, is let this beer warm up a tad. We Americans drink our beer way too cold, this beer needs to warm up a bit to release more of the flavors.

Overall, this beer is not as sweet as I was expecting, but it is still a great beer. It reminds me of their Fireside Chat seasonal; with a different, less spicy, more on the dark fruit flavor. As with everything else that I have had from them, I would definitely buy this one again.

Well done 21st!