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Beer:30… Alpine Beer Company’s Captain Stout.


During my time out here in the West Coast, I have found myself scanning and scanning the beer isles looking for brews that I have not seen before. There are so many regional beers on this side of the states, that this process can take quite a bit of time. Luckily, I am staying at a friends house out in the amazing mountain town of Alpine, which just so happens to have a brewery. What a sweet coincidence. While I have not been to the brewery itself, (coming soon I promise) I did happen to find this guy hanging out at the local beer store. Enter Alpine Beer Company’s Captain Stout.

This beer pours out of the 22 oz. bomber bottle like a good stout should, nice and black. A decent (for a stout) head comes with that, which is more sticky than one might expect, and leaves a nice lacing pattern on your glass. Smell wise, this is a straight up stout, with a good malt aroma. Taste wise, this beer delivers. It has a nice, smooth, creamy flavor, with notes of chocolate mixed in as well. Definitely one of the better stouts that I have found in my travels. I will be taking a bottle or two back to Ohio with me when that time comes!

Since I am staying in Alpine for the next few days, it is only fitting that I make a trip to the brewery to see what else is on tap with this brand. If everything else is a fine as their stout, then they have a new believer. Be sure to check out their website here.

Well done Alpine!



Beer:30… North Peak Brewing Company.


One of the best things about vacations is discovering new things. For me, one of those things is discovering new beers. Being a beer geek, I have a short list of beers that I really enjoy, and always have the thought in my mind to visit the breweries that I like the most. Luckily, here in the Traverse City region, one of my favorite beers is a staple in the area.

My family and I had the chance to swing by North Peak Brewing’s pub and restaurant to grab some beer and appetizers, and just enjoy the atmosphere. And atmosphere there was, based out of a historic brick building that used to manufacture candy. The interior of the building is gorgeous, with rough looking lumber everywhere, giving you a cabin like feeling. From looking at the brick exterior, I never would have guessed it:


We all decided on getting their sampler, which gives you their five standard beers, which we the elected for their three extra styles that are only available at the restaurant. All of the beers were amazing, with my attention focusing mostly on their Porter, but mostly on their Barleywine, which if they offered a sixer of that I would have taken home a case. Definitely a great representation of the style.


If you should find yourself in the Traverse City area, be sure to stop in and have a drink, you will be glad that you did.


Few beers, few beers less…

So the turkey holiday is now over, Christmas soon after, my plan is to cut back my beer consumption quite a bit. While I do enjoy a good brew, I feel that I just need to take a small break from it. My plan is to just have one, at maximum, good beer per week. This is pretty tough, since it is my favorite time of the year for seasonal brews. Another part of my plan is to stock up on beers to put away in my cellar. Anyway, that is my plan, just to explain why there has not been any beer posts lately.

From the holiday weekend, had a couple interesting brews:
Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ale. This was an amazing beer. It was a mix of their Celebration Ale, Pale Ale, and their tap room only Oak Aged Bigfoot. It was a smooth, flavorful beer. It was also around 9.2% alcohol. Heavy. Everyone that had a taste agreed that is was pretty amazing.

I also tried out the Sierra Nevada Estate ale. This was alright. For the price, I would probably not buy it again. To me, it seems that it is just an organic version of their Pale Ale. It is pretty cool however, that all of the ingredients were grown on their own property. I would drink it again if they just made all of their Pale Ales in this manner. Basically phase out the Pale Ale they now produce, and only make it organic. That would be cool. It did have a pretty bottle though.

Those were the only beers that I had the chance to drink over the holiday. I was pretty pumped that I did not drink as much as I have in the past on such occasion. Now I am going to focus on storing some beers. Some that I am planning on putting back:
Sierra Nevada 2011 Bigfoot
Stone Brewing company 10-10-10 vertical epic
Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary ale