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Foundry Cycles… Want a free bike?

Have you heard of Foundry Cycles? I hadn’t either until this morning. Part of the QBP family of bike brands, they are relatively new to the game sporting only three bike models, all of carbon fiber; which cover dirt, road, and cross disciplines. All three models are very nice on the eyes, with pretty impressive part specs to boot. I would venture to say that these are some folks’ “dream bikes.” What caught my eye about this company though, apart from their gorgeous bikes, is they are offering up free bicycles to a lucky group of folks who apply. Consider this my application.

Auger cross bike.

So why should I get a free bike? Apart from the obvious (I ride bikes, like bikes, write about bikes, take pictures of bikes, etc.) I am not a fan of carbon fiber. Wait, what was that? Yes, I am not a fan of carbon. I feel that carbon is overpriced, and overrated. I feel that it has too high of a risk of failure. I feel that I would break one very easily. Not that I am a Clydesdale by any means, but I ride hard, and I ride a lot. I just do not trust the material. I guess that even though I am only thirty, I would classify as a retrogrouch. Steel is real baby.

Router dirt bike.

So win me over. Prove me wrong that carbon is not a weak, delicate, overrated material, and I will sing it from the rooftops that these bikes are legit. How do you prove me wrong? Send me a bike and lets dance. Ball is in your court Foundry.

Ratchet road bike.

Check out their site here for more pictures and more information about applying for the job. Better hurry though, deadline is tomorrow at midnight.

All pictures from Foundry.

Just keep spinning…