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Just Riding Along… Ends and Beginnings.

Just finished boxing up the Xtracycle Freeradical for it’s long journey to Minnesota. Shipping this piece off it bittersweet. I really enjoyed the cargo option, it was very useful. But it was not as versatile as I needed it to be. Hence the sale. So, the end for the X, but the beginning for the Troll. The X’s departure will keep the Troll ball rolling. After dropping off the X at the post office, I will be heading over to my local shop to have them install my headset to further along this process.

So goodbye Xtracycle, you were fun. But your replacement is going to be even better…

Just keep spinning…


New plan!

So I seem to change my mind more than a woman buying shoes, so here is the new plan. Instead of the big dummy frame, I am going to buy an Xtracycle conversion kit for my old Haro hardtail.

Here is my reasoning:

-The xtracycle conversion kit, complete is around $500, half the cost of the big dummy frame!
-With my leftover cash, I can find another MTB to tool around on when I get the chance.
-After a while on the conversion, sell the xtracycle frame on eBay and then buy the big dummy frame, hopefully on next year’s closeout.

So that is what I am leaning towards at the moment. I am going to wait and see what the new big dummy prices are going to be, once they are released after Interbike, which is in a couple weeks.

I am also excited to continue using and abusing my trusty old Haro hardtail that I have had since 2003. I would love to know how many miles this bike has on it! Not enough just yet!