This site has moved to

Times they are a changing…

So after a long run with this website, I have decided to move on to something new. This blog has been a great outlet for me to express myself, and to also share my opinions and adventures with the few folks who decide to read it. But, don’t fret, this site will stay online. I have started the annoying process of exporting/importing/changing domain names etc. and I plan on having the new site up this week, but this site will continue on as it is, almost like a reference of sorts. Reference of what? Good question. But a reference of something I suppose.

The new and improved blog will be focusing on a few different outdoor adventures, also sprinkled with some beer reviews in there as well, and also some other reviews too. It should be a little more representative of what I am doing with myself.

Thanks for reading this far, and hopefully you will continue during the switch.

Just keep spinning…


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