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Beer:30… Dark Horse Brewing’s Perkulator.

As I have stated before, dopplebocks are a favorite of mine, and usually I drink quite a few during this time of the year. Even though this is one of my favorite styles, a lot of times the different varieties start to blend together, and the fall months are a giant blend of bock beer, where one is indistinguishable from the next. Dark Horse Brewing Company must feel the same way, so they took a popular style, and added coffee. Coffee? Yes… Enter the Perkulator:

This dopplebock pours a good looking dark brown, with a medium sized off white head. Right from the pour, you can start to smell the coffee. Roasted coffee hits your nose, and it is a delight. Keep in mind, this is coming from a coffee lover. The coffee is there in the beginning of your first sip, with overpowering flavors that almost cover everything else in the beer. I say almost, because a little bit of maltiness hits mixed with a lager style yeast flavor, that you will usually find in a dopplebock. Overall, the coffee consumes the taste, which is good. This beer is supposed to taste like coffee. And that it does. This is the best coffee flavor that I have had in a beer. Ever.

If you are in the market for a different dopplebock, give this one a try. I would suggest however, if you don’t care much for coffee, I would leave it on the shelf. This beer is a keeper for me…

Well done Dark Horse!



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