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Beer:30… Mt. Carmel’s Harvest Ale.

In the Cincinnati area, we are blessed with quite a few local breweries that are producing a great amount of high quality beers. My favorite of the bunch though comes from Mt. Carmel. For me, I have not had a bad beer out of their lineup, and a few of their beers are classics in my opinion. One of which that I have not had until now is their Harvest Ale, and it is quickly joining the ranks of one of my favorite beers ever. Yes… ever. That said, enter the Harvest Ale:

The Harvest Ale pours a nice dark copperish amber, with a very well pronounced head. It takes a while for it to retreat, but not so much to be annoying. The smells that come off of my pint glass remind me of fall, with a bit of earthy scents. Taste wise, you get quite a few malt flavors, some of which are mildly sweet, and finish with a slight hop hit. The hops make this fall seasonal very enjoyable, almost as it is the last hurrah for hops before their amazing Winter Ale hits the shelves. The flavors blend so well with this beer that I found myself drinking a few at each sitting. Now that I have finished my last one, I will definitely be picking up another sixer tomorrow!

If you are looking for a great fall seasonal brew, definitely look for this one. Well worth the money, and I would place it just behind their Winter Ale as my favorite Mt. Carmel product. Well done!



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