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Beer:30… Rogue Juniper Pale Ale

Not too long ago, I heard of a beer that blended a couple of my favorite items; a pale ale, mixed with juniper berries. Yes, I love pale ales, we go way back. Little known fact: I am also a big fan of gin, which the juniper berry gives gin a very distinctive flavor. With their powers combined, thanks to Rogue Ales, enter the Juniper Pale Ale:


The brew pours almost like a straw colored macro brew, with a fast paced head that rushes to the top of your glass. Luckily, it recedes very quickly. Smell wise, not too much is coming off of the top. I am picking up a tiny bit of the juniper berries, but not really much else. Once you start to drink this one, it is a little more perky than the smell. Bitter at the front, with a small touch of hops, and at the dry finish, you get the juniper berries. Not a lot mind you, but they are there. The beer is very smooth and very easy to drink, however, I was wanting more juniper taste to be thrown my way.

Rogue makes some great beers, and I love the concept of this one. Unfortunately, this beer was not as gin-like as I had hoped for. So on that note, I am finishing off the night with a nip of gin.



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