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Beer:30… Rivertown Brewing co.’s War.

December 21st of this year is shaping up to be something special. The ancient Mayan civilization marked that date for the last day of their cyclical calendar. They believed that after the end of each cycle, a new era would begin. Or at least it seems. Some folks think that the sky will split on that day and life will cease to exist. Talk about the glass half empty. Anyway, In commemoration of this historic event, Rivertown Brewing company has released a very special, limited edition four part beer series giving a nod to the Christian version of the apocalypse by focusing on the four horsemen.

“And behold, I looked, and there was a rider on a red horse, and he poured out of his glass a smoked red ale.”

That’s in the bible, right? Enter Rivertown’s War:


This beer pours a very nice red color, and right off of the bat you can smell a fire. The smokiness overpowers any other scents that could possibly be in there, and for some reason, I like it. Makes me think of camping. Once you start to drink this limited edition brew, the smokiness comes back at you, but quickly fades into the rear. Rye starts to show itself, and blends with a bit of malt, then finishing nice and dry with a touch of hop bitterness. The malt is not as much as you might expect for a red ale, but this beer is still a very good drink. I found that the more I drank this one, the more I liked it. As odd as the smokiness is, this beer is a solid purchase in my book, but it could be hit or miss for some folks. If you like the smell of a campfire, give this horseman a try.

Rivertown is on to something with this series. Who would have thought that I would be impatiently waiting for the next horseman of the apocalypse to show up? I wonder what dandy of a beer he might bring?

Well done Rivertown, can’t wait for the next round!



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