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Beer:30… Sixpoint’s Righteous Ale

Every now and again, a beer comes along that completely catches me off guard. Not that I expect it to be bad, but just a pleasant surprise. That is the case with this dandy, coming straight from a field of rye. Enter the Righteous Ale:

Rye style beers are still a bit new to me, but I am really liking them so far. The rye flavor is spicy, in a very peppery way and it blends with lots of different flavors nicely. This beer is no exception. The beer pours a beautiful dark amber, with a slightly tan head. Smell wise, you are inhaling a spice girl, with rye overpowering everything else. Taste wise, the rye follows that up with a big hit of rye spices, over a nice blend of sweeter malt, and a bit of hops. This beer is not as earthy as some other rye beers, but that makes it very easy to drink. If you are looking for a great introduction to rye flavor, you NEED to check this one out.

Add all of that together, and serve it up in a can? Yes please. This beer accompanied me on a recent bicycle outing, making it easy to pack in and pack out. I am starting to like this “good beer in a can” trend, and so does Sixpoint, as all of the beer that I have seen from them comes in a can.

Overall, this beer is a keeper. Definitely one of my newer, go to beers when out cruising the beer aisle. Well done Sixpoint!



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