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Just Riding Along… Beauty and Destruction.

I found myself riding in and around Indian Hill today, riding along a similar route from not too long ago. Indian Hill is one of my favorite areas to ride because the roads are the closest thing in the Cincinnati area to the country back roads I grew up around. Well, the difference being McMansions instead of mobile homes and Maseratis passing you instead of beat up old F150s. I will take what I can get with these roads…

Crossroads of the ride.

Daylily if I remember right.

From this point, I dropped out of Indian Hill, and connected to the Little Miami bike path. Off of the path, most people have probably passed this trailer park. Now though, it is being dismantled, turning an already interesting area into a very surreal sight.

Troll in the trailer park.

Looking through the window.

After the scene of destruction, I headed south on the bike path, and went back into the Milf. Instead of going straight home, I took the scenic route through the local nature preserve before rounding home, finishing up a great day in the saddle.

Just keep spinning…


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  1. Joseph Dowski

    Hi, surfed into your blog googling for Schwalbe Big Apples. Where the heck was that abandoned trailer park & why ? Are those Mary bars you’re running ? How do you like them ? Been tempted to try them but I still only see one hand position ? Just going to add Ergon GS3 to my stock bars on my Stumpjumper. I’m mostly still riding on the road but would like to start exploring some of the local trails in Wolcott & Bristol CT. Which brings me to my question. Thinking about running the Super Moto Big Apple 2.35 (29’er) They’re a bit lighter than the regular BA’s. I’ve been reading that they’re actually pretty good in dry trail conditions when run at the appropriate pressure. What has your experience been ?

    August 13, 2013 at 1:43 am

    • Hi Joseph,
      Glad you found your way to my older site, good to see folks are still finding it. Few answers for you:

      The trailer park is just outside of Cincinnati OH. I believe that someone bought the whole area, and destroyed it, and Im not sure what the new plan is. I was just by there a few days ago, and it is completely cleared out. Very odd.

      I used to run Mary bars on my Troll. I still have them, and enjoy them a ton. They are great, a good sweep, and a decent rise that works well for road and trails. I did switch them out however for Surly’s Open Bar, which is awesome as well. For hand position, there is only the one real spot, but if you are creative you can figure out a couple more.

      Super Moto Big Apples. I have not run the Super Moto, but I enjoy the regular Big Apples in the woods. I have never had a flat with them. If there is a tiny bit of wetness on the trails, you will spin quite a bit, but the larger footprint really helps out. Hope that helps any!

      Be sure to check out my current blogs, and also

      Thanks for reading!

      August 13, 2013 at 2:05 am

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