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Just Riding Along… New shoes…

Since March usually is one of the wettest months out of the year here in Ohio, I have started my search for road tires for the Troll. My plan all along has been to keep this bike versatile, and eventually have a second wheel set to swap in and out for road duty. Until that though, I will be wrestling tires on and off of my Sun Ringle rims. With all of the rain here lately, and the rain in the forecast, what better time than now?

My first choice is this:

Photo from

Second choice:

Photo from

Both are around the same price, the Big Apples measure in at 26×2.35″ and the Hookworms at 26×2.5″ respectively. Both are huge! And both are heavy, that is to be expected. But, for the time being, I will be putting on my skinny, cheap, Forte (Made by Panaracer) City ST tires, which measure in a 26×1.5. I plan on running these for my road duty until I can finally make up my mind.

And, just because, here is a quick picture from after one ride last week:

Just keep spinning…


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