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Just Riding Along… Maiden Voyage.

After a day of waiting, took the Troll on it’s first “official” ride. Not as long as I had hoped, but with prior commitments and nasty weather on course, just a quick 3 mile spin in the woods with the camera. The Troll handled as expected. It is a rigid steel bike, not much to set up or tweak on the ride. It is nice riding a fully rigid bike, no adjustments to finicky suspension setting, no rider sag to set, just get on the bike and ride. Kind of like when you are a kid, and your bike is a single speed BMX bike. Not much to worry about. Just pedal.

I am still trying to figure out my camera, so today I tried to capture a self portrait. After setting up the tripod, and setting the timer for the longest setting, I still did not get the shot that I had wanted. I still need to work on that a bit, all in due time.

Just keep spinning…


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