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Beer:30… Beers to Avoid.

The title of this post says it all. Beers to avoid. Only going to dive into three today, but these are the worst that I have had in the past couple of months.

We will start with this:
Bluegrass Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Stout

Image from

While creating my own sixer one day, I was surprised to see this beer hiding on the rack. Normally selling only in 4 packs, hovering around $10, this was the perfect pick for the mix your own situation. I do enjoy bourbon, so this style of beer seems like a great idea to me. However, this specific model is to be avoided. There is a slight bourbon flavor, but not much. All I was picking up was a very bitter, smokey, harsh metallic, and even cheap tasting beer. I love a bitter beer, but this was different. Nothing about it seemed to warm me over. After it warmed for a bit in my glass, nothing seemed to improve. So on that note, a big congratulations goes out to you Bluegrass Brewing, you are the first beer that I have dumped out for 2012. Bravo.

Moving on, this beer should be on the list, just following the Bourbon Stout:
Bud Light Platinum

While scanning a random service station’s beer selection on Super Bowl Sunday, this beer caught my eye. Bud Light in a blue bottle? Never one to shy away from clever packaging, I just had to take a look, just to see what Budweiser was up to. 6.0% ABV for Bud Light? Interesting. I passed on it, bought some beer with flavor, and continued on my way to the football party. Once there, lo and behold, a shiny blue bottle peeked out of the cooler surrounded by craft beers. So, I had to try it out. Survey says? I would call this Bud Light with a spoonful of sugar dumped into it. As you can tell by the photo, still looks the same. Basically, it is still the watered down, rice lager that you all know. Only it will get you drunk I assume. I would imagine, much to the chagrin of Budweiser, that this will be the choice of the new generation, aka, the underage. Way to go Bud, ruining the future taste buds of America.

Lastly, this guy needs to be thrown into the mix:
Yuengling’s Bock Beer

Image from

I touched on this beer on a recent post (Check it here.) so I will not go into that much, if any detail about it. It just needed to be here to round out the list.

So there you have it, three beers to avoid for this time of year. I will admit, the Bud Light was no surprise, but the other two were huge disappointments. I expected better. Til next time..



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